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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I saw three ships a sailing

"Poison, hidden under the heads of salmon"

So wrote Nostradamus, way back in the 1500's.

Incredibly, today, we see this prophecy line manifest itself in a quite extraordinary manner as we read of Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond's choice of Christmas card,pictured above, specifically selected for this, the year of
Homecoming; a whole fifty two week long event to celebrate Scotland, in particular and public, Robert Burns and golf, privately and occultly, freemasonism, the underhand worship of Lucifer/Pan/Baphomet, and the imminent 2012 XXX London Olympic antichrist unveiling. (As part noted in King Conn)

From the Scottish Government website, we read how Alex has curiously plumped for a print of a ( Jachin and Boaz pillars resonating) John Bellany oil painting of boats in (Macbeth resonating - see James Shelby Downard King-Kill 33) MacDuff harbour:

Mr Salmond said:

"The wonderful piece of art donated by John Bellany for this year's Homecoming Christmas Card can be enjoyed by everyone in Scotland.

"The Bellany image of fishing boats returning to Macduff harbour is ideal for taking us into the Homecoming year.

A curious choice indeed, albeit nefariously apt, because Burns was from Ayrshire, the location of the Mother lodge of freemasonry, and as far as I am aware he never strayed up to the Highlands. He was drunk most of the time and there was minimal prompt transport back then. Also, although there are two esoterically named local golf courses, Duff House
Royal and Royal Tarlair, they have never featured in any major competition and thus hardly notable otherwise. (Golf courses are ten a penny up here, except for Donald Trump's, his is squarely different - pegs, holes, nature reserves, Govern-mental interventions)

So what else could have influenced Alex's choice of ephemeral festive remembrance:


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