Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Babylon Burns - Baphomet Rises

In my last post I finished with mention to Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, and the
burning of a million pounds cash by artists KLF on the Isle of Jura.

Little did I know when I typed these words that a trilogy of reportedly related events would soon flare up in Edinburgh, both to confirm my fears, and yet alas distract me from my initial intent.

Last night saw fire erupt in Khushi's Indian Restaurant, an establishment of some meritable distinction located within the Scottish capital's historic Old Town; to be precise, 9 Victoria Street, a street which links the Grassmarket with the South Bridge and Royal Mile intersection. From the BBC:

The alarm was raised at about 2010 BST on Friday, one witness said 20ft flames had been coming from the roof of the building on Victoria Street.

Initially it seemed curious that the BBC utilised BST, or British Summer Time, when providing readers with a timescale, given that this is winter and thus the more correct, colloquial time,would be 19.10, close enough to 7.11 to set my alarm bells ringing.

Yet, whilst that may seem insignificant, a mere triviality indeed, once one is acquainted with Edinburgh's dark history this triple burning event eerily points a finger upwards, whilst showing us further glimpses of how history, together with both global and in da 'hood events, are closely,in fact, synchronistically, intertwined.

For Da- Khushi occupies the reformed building of St. John's (Burgh) Church and at the bottom of Victoria Street, which continues unobstructed,to the West Bow; indeed only a mere seventy yards away, lie the The Temple Lands:

At the foot of the [West] Bow, and on the west side chiefly, were a few old tenements, that, in consequence of being built upon ground which had originally belonged to the Knights of the Temple, were styled Templar Lands, and were distinguished by having iron crosses on their fronts and gables.

In the Heart of Midlothian, Scott describes them as being of uncommon height and antique appearance; but of late years they have all disappeared. It was during the Grand Mastership of Everhard de Bar, and while that brave warrior, with only 130 knights of the order, was fighting under the banner of Louis VII. at Damascus, that the Grand Priory of Scotland was instituted, and the knight who presided over it was then styled .Magister Domus Templi in Scotia when lands were bestowed on the order, first by King David I., and then by many others..

..but so lately as 1731 on the 24 of August, the Temple vassals were ordered by the Bailie of Lord Torphichen, to erect the cross of St. John on the Temple- lands within Burgh, amerciating [fining] such as did not affix the said cross.This was a strange enactment in a country where it is still doubtful whether such an emblem can figure as an ornament upon a tomb or church.

The next fire, similarly from the aforelinked BBC report: a chip pan ignited
by one of the elderly residents within a sheltered housing complex in Moredun, an estate to the South of the Capital,

Firstly, there is an animal research station at Moredun; disease stuff, DNA, genes etc. I used to take my dog to the woods there, in fact spent most of my youth in those woods, seemingly up to no-good. The link is here, as I say, it is all good stuff, genetics and suchlike, on sheep, all in the name of better use of resources, better stock, more money? Who knows why?, sheep are plentiful - you dig, I do?

Secondly, the meaning of more-dun; more being self explanatory in these self indulgent times, whilst dun, more difficult, but extremely apt in this credit crunched age, explained via the free dictionary:

tr.v. dunned, dun·ning, duns
To importune (a debtor) for payment: a dunning letter.
1. One that duns.
2. An importunate demand for payment.

and, just in case you were unaware:

v. im·por·tuned, im·por·tun·ing, im·por·tunes
1. To beset with insistent or repeated requests; entreat pressingly.
2. Archaic To ask for urgently or repeatedly.
3. To annoy; vex.
To plead or urge irksomely, often persistently. See Synonyms at beg.

It was not finished though, another blaze, this time in the Scottish Enlightenment symbolic New Town, at Angus Gordon hairdressers in Frederick Street, only say 500 yards from Kushie's, passing the Walter Scott monument on foot en route. We note the three Christian names and, given the triple, forsake a bypass, and seek significance in this pattern: From Behind the name:


English form of a Germanic name meaning "peaceful ruler", derived from frid "peace" and ric "ruler, power". This name has long been common in continental Germanic-speaking regions, being borne by rulers of the Holy Roman Empire, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, and Prussia


Possibly meaning "one strength" derived from Irish óen "one" and gus "force, strength, energy". Aonghus (sometimes surnamed Mac Og meaning "young son") was the Irish god of love and youth. The name was also borne by an 8th-century Pictish king and several Irish kings.


From a Scottish surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "great hill". It was originally used in honour of Charles George Gordon (1833-1885), a British general who died defending the city of Khartoum in Sudan.

Thus when we alchemise these three distant, yet sub-connected, base part happenings, we see a pattern. We recall the Templars seeking sanctuary here in Scotland whilst on the run from Da-Pope and have confirmation they built some sort of empire, certainly in terms of land and status. From there we move up a level, numerically anyway, to the 1600's freemasonic establishment, those Scottish founding slave trading creators of today's global society, most importantly of all perhaps, the banking system.

First, the inferno in Kushi's , an Indian eaterie on the site of a Church dedicated to John the Baptist, a mere stones throw from Templar Land. The freemasonic movement founding Templars, the architects of today.

Then, the small but occultly necessary, and subsequently reported by the BBC, chip pan fire in More-Dun. The name again speaks for itself: we are collectively told that we must give more (in terms of our collective state borrowings) in order to fund the/our future. Thus we somehow bequeath our offspring a global debt to be repaid by their sweat and toil, all watched and monitored through the terrifying spectre of constant technology based supervision and monitoring. Notwithstanding the "research".

Lastly, the triple pronged, moniker based spear to the brain via the hairdresser. Hair takes us to the decapitated head of John Da Baptist, seemingly one of the aforementioned Templars treasured possessions. Much better than that though, we also see connections through the origins of Frederick, Angus and Gordon, Fredrick and Angus, hinting towards a peaceful ruler of love, peace and power, Gordon, the great hill, esoterically referring to nearby Arthur's Seat, the sphinx like extinct volcano named after King Arthur.

What we see is our future rising from ashes, the vehicle a New World Order, charioteered by William Arthur Wales, the Templars goat horned Baphomet, the bearded androgenous Sophia (think about his mum, your mum, your sisters, you tipple?), the man who will save us from the forthcoming massive "global debt", the man who we will worship thereafter (or so) for his help.

rises, now bearded, from the flames of Diana. Prepare yourselves, for he is Da- antichrist.


The Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.


aferrismoon said...

One of the fire reports had it that there were 'around 33 fireman' involved in fighting one of the blazes.


aferrismoon said...

Babylon is Burning with ANKH-ZION Tea

aferrismoon said...

Aaah found it -The alarm was raised less than an hour later, at 9.04pm, after a fire broke out in the cellar of Rick's Bar on Frederick Street. Some 33 firefighters were involved in tackling the blaze.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, I went with the BBC report giving the source of the fire as the hairdressers which is next door to Ricks bar. Normally all the basements are sub connected in these type of New Town properties.

Good one with the 33 firefighters.

Being honest, I did not really do the post justice, the church building is also a club and stands next to India buildings. Also, the Bank of Scotland head office is close by, plus the grassmarket, scene of many a hanging. I went to school very close by, but took little interest in history back then.


aferrismoon said...

The idea of subterrain basements wends its way back to the rats, denizens of the drains. The Trinity of Fires I notice, esp. as Edinburgh is some kind of New Jerusalem.


aferrismoon said...

Also DUN = a dull-greyish BROWN

Newspaceman said...

I lived in main Edinburgh at one paoint, heart of the city centre. One night, late, I saw a huge rat, bigger than should be possible, far bigger. I obtained a banana box and charged towards it. The creature barely moved (but it was a rat) and I ran home.

Two or three days later, I read a of a student being attacked very nearby by a "giant rat" - the tone of the article, mockery.

The student fought it off with a pool cue.

gospel - no slur intended.


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