Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Things are not always as they seem ?

Mayor of London, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson,
or Boris for short

I think I speak for everybody when I say we are all awed by the spectacle the Chinese have put on, but I think in the eight-minute segment, we saw some of the wit and ingenuity that Britain is going to bring to our Olympics to make sure that they are every bit as fantastic.

I have tried here to compound, clarify and correct both my recent posts and Mr. Johnson's aforementioned potentially ambiguous statement, regarding the possible symbolism and meaning, occult or otherwise, of last Sunday's Olympic flag handover ceremony between Beijing and London in China; including my own thoughts on some type of parody on the early part of the (often Christmas repeated) Wizard of Oz , and what the reason(s) for this may be - mostly in terms of a new world government, order, or arrangement, a one world global society for want of a better description - and to hint towards our beloved television's impact on conditioning our collective thinking in terms of achieving this goal for the hidden masters who seek to further enslave us as human beings.

Rik Clay told a few months ago of his fears of a new Jerusalem in terms of the Zion London Olympics 2012 logo and street plan for the planned stadium (see linl below) . The main point to remember is that we are entering a new supposed "golden age" for humanity, London being the birth of this new, pretentiously European, order of being. I appreciate that all this may sound almost as fantastical as the Oz story in the book; however to begin, from Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road:

When are you gonna come down
When are you going to land

The cast of main characters and props for this no doubt well rehearsed event were fairly sparse - Mayor of London Boris Johnson; television show, Blue Peter,
competition winner Tayyiba Dudwala; footballer David Beckham; singer Leona Lewis; ex Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page; and two gold medal cyclists together with a couple of troops of London based dancers, a transforming double decker bus, a football and a zebra crossing complete with lollipop lady.

The performance went like this: Boris got the flag and swung it a few times, the cyclists rode in to the stadium in what seemed like darkness then were surrounded by dancers - some brandishing Union Jack umbrellas and all masquerading as commuters - closely followed by the bus which stopped short of the black and white pedestrian crossing. Tayyiba then alighted, was surrounded by dancers, walked to and then over the crossing and collected a black and white football. She then returned over the zebra before walking over the backs of path forming crouched dancers and re- boarding the double decker.

The vehicle then morphed into a topiary London skyline containing famous landmarks and a stage (or two) appeared on the top deck with silver dressed "superstar" Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page who dueted a version of Led Zepplin's Whole lotta Love. Next, David Beckham appeared with a
football and kicked it into the stadium. Tayibba re-appeared (still with her ball), the bus turned into a "futuristic carnival float" with what looked like twirling umbrellas to me, and then drove off. That was about it.

We could however re-run it with a slightly altered perspective - in order of appearance:

Boris' bedraggled appearance and mop like hairstyle give the impression of a scarecrow, of that there can be no debate. His brain has been known to be missing on occasion, or so it would appear from his numerous controversial, if not offensive, comments on various topics. What makes it more humorous (for those in on the show) is the location of his vigorous flag waving, the Bird's Nest Stadium. We must
also understand that Boris' rise to his current position has been heavily influenced through media and television

Then the cyclists announcing the main act, both attired in businesswear, both gold medal winners; Christopher Hoy and Victoria Pendleton pedal furiously into the stadium:

The meaning of the name Chris, from the Greek, Khristos, Christ. His surname, Hoy, metonymic occupational name for a sailor, from Middle Dutch hoey ‘cargo ship’.

Victoria, victory; Pendleton, from a place called Pendle Hill in Lancashire, the scene of one of the most famous witch trials in English history.

Cycle, from the Greek kyklos "circle, wheel," same root as cyclone, Dorothy arrives in Oz via a twister, thus the cyclists alude to this

Roll out the dancers, from London, ZooNation and CondoCo, the pun here being on the Zoo - humanity post 2012 - and then perhaps Condo Co. See Condominium (international law)
notwithstanding the CC/33 malarky. From an Oz point of view they potentially represent the munchkins ?

We hear a short clip from the shipping forecast and the pips of the time signal from Greenwich - where time is measured from and where the equestrian event will be held in 2012. Another sailing reference and a potential nod (or a wink) towards 21/12/12, the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Note galactic centre which itself is located in zodiacal sign Sagittarius, half man half horse, the centaur -you shovel ? - I might be slavering but a slave-gate is opening.

The bus then arrives, a traditional London Red double decker, resonates the 7/7 terrorist bombings, especially when one considers that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke of the relationship between the military fight on terror and the Olympics in terms of heroism only a few days before, in Afghanistan, en route Beijing.

Next we see Tayyiba (Dorothy) - a young lady of Indian descent who's name means pure, aged 10, from Forest Gate, East London, attends Elmhurst Primary school in Upton Park Road, again in Forest Gate. She won (was hand-picked to win) a Blue Peter BBC television programme competition to get here and is football crazy and especially thrilled to meet Beckham - a dream come true ?

The area of Upton Park is the boundary of East and West Ham.

Upton Park FC (now discontinued) represented GB in soccer football at the 1900 summer Olympics, where they won the gold; additionally they sparked legalisation of professionalism within in the sport in the UK.
West Ham FC, based in Upton Park, , theme song Bubbles - "and like my dreams they fade and die", their supporters once hung an effigy of David Beckham outside a pub in South London. (effigy=sorcery)

Blue Peter - A long running and thus potentially mind- controlling BBC TV children's programme, a British icon without question, whilst a blue peter is a system of international maritime signal flags (see Boris as above)
There is an Elmhurst in Kansas.
Forest Gate - The oldest pub in it's borough - The Spotted Dog,

The black and white striped pedestrian crossing - Portrays Dorothy moving into a different dimension, a movement between two worlds. East/West.

The black and white football - it's collection being the main, in fact sole, reason for Tayyiba's visit to Bejing, or so it appears in terms of the visual performance - which ties in well with Toto, Dorothy's dog, her beloved pet being the only thing that brings her joy at home in Kansas and the reason for her transit and adventures in Oz via the storm. Further synchronicity, if that is the correct term, is provided via the the European Intertoto Cup, a cup competition originally instigated by the Germans for the sole purpose of football pools gambling during their closed season; here in the UK we used the Australian (Oz) fixtures during our summer lay-off. More importantly perhaps, the trophy was won by West Ham (as above) in 1999.

Spot the rainbow ?

Again the dancers/commuters/munchkins are in abundance ; Tabitha, sorry Tayyiba, walks across a path on their backs (that's how happy they are and how much esteem Dorothy is held in), resonating with Wizard of Oz - the witch is dead - the Witch of the East being China. Dorothy has the ball, sport, the whole world in her
hands, - thus we are now beginning a four year journey to London - Emerald City - the end of the yellow brick road and home of the wonderful wizard. Everything seems to lighten up at this point.

The bus transforms into a topiary of the London skyline - Topiary from the Latin for a landscape gardener, topiarus - creator of topia or places. This could be read to emphasise the global "green" message, however most of the structures featured were historic, and to me it suggested that London 2012 was always part of a far longer term strategy towards a new global society. EU-topia. Excellent futuristic vision, in relation to time, space, and based on previous plant performance, is the most important and essential quality for a gardener.

Leona Lewis appears, dressed in silver, the tin (wo)man - Leona shot to fame through the medium of television, this time ITV's talent spotting show, X Factor, the 3rd series, a show she auditioned for singing Somewhere over the Rainbow. Again her name throws up some notable points, first name Leona from the Greek, leon, lion; her surname, or perhaps that should be sir-name, Lewis, a name with deep freemasonic significance, most recently meaning son of a mason but prior to this the name referred to a device which was utilised to safely raise large stones when building structures. In this instance a new society is being created, hence Leona symbolises a device or tool to manoeuvre humankind in this creation process. This can be somewhat further
verified by the fact that another young coloured female athlete with the surname Lewis was chosen to carry the Olympic torch to No10 Downing Street back in April during the procession. Going back to this one though, Leona was created by the television and media so could no doubt be destroyed in a similar manner, a fact doubtless always preying on her mind. Her date of birth. 3/4/5, see Pythagoras' triangle, or more realistically, your local landscaper/builder, (s)he will still physically utilise these measurements, and thus ratio, to provide a perfectly true 90 degree or right angle, essential to any building project.

From chapter 5 of Wizard of Oz and the Illuminati Mind Control - THE SKILL OF LYING, THE ART OF DECEIT;

” The hour glass shape is basically two triangles which touch at their peaks, or an X configuration with the tops of the X having lines. The child’s mind is to visualize this configuration as a compass, as the four points N, 5, E, W, they are to see the X configuration also as an x, y axis upon which a city is structured upon. The hour glass then is tied to several other concepts which integrate themselves well with the basic X shape of the hour glass. Circles with X’s are stacked on top of each other to form the different worlds which contain the alters The programming that is related to the Tin Man produces a monarch slave which is described as “A WELL OILED MACHINE” by the handlers. U.S. Sen. Allen Simpson, one of the perpetrators of the Monarch Program, referred to the Tin Man programming when he told a slave “THESE ARE BUT EMPTY SHELLS OF THE LIFE THEY WERE ONCE POSSESSED. LIKE YOU ARE--EMPTY AND VOID OF LIFE

Jimmy Page appears (as if by magic) -not that long ago a "dragon suit" wearing occultist and Aleister Crowley disciple; so devoted as to purchase his mentor's old property, Loch Ness based Boleskin House. Whilst with Led-Zep he used a symbol commonly taken as zoso. Yet to me it says zofo, of oz backwards.

Page, early TOTP, note multi-coloured guitar strap

Lewis and Page duet whole lotta love,
a Zepplin track and BBC television Top of the Pops theme tune for too many years. Top of the Pops (TOTP), the top 40 chart run down and another British TV icon - in the seventies and early eighties families would gather round the television to watch the charts (and their favorites perform). The duet perhaps symbolises a handover in generations, from the old to the new.

Beckham appears in track suit (Professor Marvel?) the crowd go radge.

Angling towards a 4th Reich whilst forming a pyramid ?

He kicks a black and white football into the crowd - The trajectory of the ball - an arc - alludes to the rainbow as does this typical quote from the media: "It was caught by a Chinese official who gripped it close to his chest, knowing it would fetch a fair price on e-bay". The pot of gold at the rainbow's end ?

A cellist and a violinist appear, Tayyiba reappears, again from the mind control link as above:

“Fiddler” is important word to get to the yellow brick road (it signifies the programmer in the context of “the programmer is here, go over the rainbow”) and then the alters eat what is variously called MUSIC or a SCRIPT or A LETTER which are words meaning “instructions.”

The bus drives off.

They mock you.


The cowardly lion hides up in the stands ?

1 - Ric Clay sadly passed away last week, aged 26. I shall try to find his work although his blog is now deleted.

Link to full BBC video report of event

Name meanings

Pendle witch trials

Etymology dictionary


aferrismoon said...

Excellent stripping away of the glitter and gloss - the Brit entry reminds me of a tart with far too much make-up.
The Blue Peter Competition - hasn't the past year been awash with TV Competition fixes. Oh an Indian girl - who are China's neighbours - best keep them happy.

Perhasp gary Glitter will welcome the world to the 2012

I watched the opening , listened to Huw and a lady commentator- what a pair of patronising, trivialising shitters. Fine the Olympics is a ritualistic device, but to here those two was to hear the sneering of Britain , and now to finish it off with 'brainless Scarecrow' really shows the Brits in their true light - doubtless they'll crown Wills at the 2012 Olympics - King Of Crap

aferrismoon said...

If u don't know it seems that Rik Clay has passed on [ there's a link at Red Ice]

Newspaceman said...

Thanks for letting me know aferrismoon, it has left me a bit shocked really, he seemed a decent person and one who was trying to tell the truth, cant think what else to say really.


Unknown said...

Good stuff here, I'm sad I missed Rick Clay's blog, and now it's deleted so I don't get to see it... But I had done some articles about the new golden age, where I focused on the religious aspect, and that was before I knew the 2012 olympics were going to be in London. I'm planning to get back on track with a new article on that theme. Do you know where I can read any of Rick Clays stuff? I think the Red Ice pod casts are for members only and I'm a jobless loser who can't afford that :D

Newspaceman said...

Violater, you have an e mail?


Arc de Triumphe said...

If you are still looking for Riks blog it is recreated here..

I also have it in Rar format if you need it.

Newspaceman said...

Thanks very much for that.

Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...


abs said...

jimmy page wasnt performing on toptp in that picture it was the arms concert 1983

Anonymous said...

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