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Sunday, 10 August 2008

All very mysterious

What seems a very long time ago but was only last May, and seemingly before the UK's knife-crime wave , I wrote a post called Rankin, Rebus TM and the Templars - Part 1 (not a great post), detailing some numerical and calendarical coincidences, or synchronicities, in the reissue of crime fiction writer Ian Rankin's first novel Knots and Crosses. As I remarked then:

It was recently reissued to celebrate 20 years of Rebus and a new logo was issued which includes a trade mark and two XX's which may represent the roman numerals for 20

To save readers the burden of linking, my main theory rested upon the novel's release date, 19th March, Quinquatria, Roman Festival sacred to Minerva, goddess of craft and wisdom, qualities highly desirable to those of a freemasonic persuasion.

Being honest, there was nothing else remarkable in the post, although I commented on the wording of a press release titled There's no Mystery in our Beer - Deuchars IPA Celebrates 20 Years of Inspector Rebus, for a celebratory beer ( an India Pale Ale with a secret ingredient) which was to be produced in honour of Rankin's fictitious detective, and launched on 7th August 2007 at the Great British Beer Festival in Earl's Court, London. Phrases such as "handcrafted", "encompass" and "craft and artistry",for example, were found in abundance throughout the document.

Anyway since then, it and the promised part 2 had been long forgotten, until yesterday 9th August 2008 , when we see from the BBC, under the headline Brown brings mystery to festival, of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's surprise appearance at the launch of the Edinburgh Book Festival where he starred with none other than Ian Rankin:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appeared as a mystery guest at the start of the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Mr Brown appeared with crime writer Ian Rankin speaking about the festival and his own work as an author.

Readers who care to see a clip of this meeting between these two famous Scotsmen can find it here, again from the BBC. The clip lasts a secret society synchronising 3 mins 22.

See here for 322


It requires further noting in the current context that both actor Sean Connery and Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond are due to appear later at this literary festival - both individuals heavily involved in the symbolic Stone of Destiny cake cutting event at Edinburgh Castle, as detailed in the post King Conn.

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