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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Building a Brick Road ?

Just a quick addition to yesterday's posting, in particular with reference to one of the three celebrities identified as being part of tomorrow's Olympic handover to London to mark the beginning of the four year countdown to the XXX event in 2012; an event which I personally believe will mark the beginning of a new world order of slavery for mankind. As I noted:

Footballer David Beckham, singer Leona Lewis and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page will be among the celebrities representing London at Sunday's closing ceremony.

For those perhaps unaware, singer songwriter Leona Lewis rose to fame via a television talent contest called the X factor - winning the third series, (3 x X?) - a series which she auditioned for by singing Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz. We read from her wikipedia entry(linked):

In 2006, Lewis auditioned for the third series of The X Factor, singing "Over the Rainbow". She made it through to the final stages and was announced the winner on 16th December 2006, winning a £1 million recording contract.

From Behind the name, Leona takes us to Leo:

Late Latin name meaning "lion", ultimately from Greek λεων (leon). It was popular among early Christians and was the name of 13 popes, including Saint Leo the Great who asserted the dominance of the Roman bishops (the popes) over all others in the 5th century. It was also borne by six Byzantine emperors and five Armenian kings.

Those with good memories will remember she is not the first young coloured lady surnamed Lewis to be involved with the Olympics and London; casting our minds back to April and the Olympic torch procession through the English capital, we saw Denise Lewis at the door of the Prime Minister's residence, Number 10 Downing Street. From my post Black magick:

"And of the meaning of Lewis?: Seemingly the son of a mason - but you need to see
here for a more accurate angle on what exactly is being ceremoniously "built" around us."

I wait with ominous anticipation for tomorrow and somehow take further inspiration from the potentially masonically symbolic ages of David Beckham, 33, and Jimmy Page, 64.


must read - Pseudo Occult Media on Leona.


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