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Monday, 4 February 2008

Treaty of Lisbon - Correction

In my post Hell of the Dentist, I stated that the current political debate over the Treaty of Lisbon would commence on the of 29th of January and was scheduled to finish on the 9th of February.

In fact, no date has yet been fixed for the conclusion, I simply added 12 days to the first day of debate, forgetting that there may be some breaks and that, unlike the proposals for our doctors working hours, Members of Parliament don't work weekends.

Matters commenced on 29th as scheduled and proceed as follows,

6 February: Commons debate day 3: on human rights aspects of treaty

7 February: Commons debate day 4: on aspects of treaty relating to single market

From 18 February:

Commons debate day 5: Foreign policy, security and defence

Commons debate day 6: International development

Commons debate day 7: EU institutions and decision-making

Commons debate day 8: Climate change

Commons debate day 9: Bill clauses 3 to 7

Commons debate day 10: Bill clauses 3 to 7

Commons debate day 11: Schedule, new clauses and new schedules

Commons debate day 12: Remaining proceedings in bill

Full details from the BBC are available here.

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