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Saturday 16 February 2008

Spear of Destiny

It was reported yesterday that Donald Trump is being investigated over the use of a coat of arms which he is utilising in order to market his planned golf-centered housing development in Aberdeenshire.

It seems that The Court of the Lord Lyon have invoked a old law which states that a coat of arms must be registered and as such are looking for Donald to pay the registration and other fees, in order that he can legally display his design. It should be noted that the total costs will only amount to roughly £2,200, a paltry sum for a man of his means.

Mr Trump's design is quite interesting and perhaps reveals more of the man, - a spear clutching fist sits directly upon a square set on it's side. Three rampant lions (please see Snapdragon Towers) and a couple of parallel lines are the basis for the shield which sits below. At the bottom of the heap, the nefarious Trump moniker.

The full BBC report can be found here.

Yet what are we to make of this latest development.

It is not the first time that the the procurator fiscal to the Lyon Court has taken issue with illegal coat of arms on display, one only has to go back a few years to recall Harrods boss Mohamed al Fayed facing similar charges and having to remove an unauthorised emblem at his Balnagown Castle.

So it could be said that a man with legal advisors par excellence, i.e. DT, would be well aware of legislation and laws and perhaps chose to pursue this course of action -
knowing fine well the consequences. In that manner, us, the gullible public, believe that our authorities are taking a firm line with Trump because that was "his" original intention. It's a simple strategy.

We see the same in the new European order and the Treaty of Lisbon. It is being "argued" over by our politicians, yet they are not debating about whether this is the beginning of a new super continent, rather they quibble over trivialities. No one is telling the truth, yet it is plain to see, the further developments this week have reaffirmed exactly what the true European agenda is.

A controlled population, perimeter fences, identification, the citizens engaged in a war against global warming, the existing British monarchy seemingly at the forefront of this battle. You are seeing the foundations of the future, yet not being told of the consequences.

Remember, they already know what they want the outcome to be - it has always been the plan.

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