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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Background to the future ?

There is a multitude that could be written about the historic, perhaps ancient, town of Linlithgow. Once a Roman fort stood here and later, from the 12th century, the town became a favourite of the monarchy, reaching the lofty social status of Royal Burgh and hosting the births of both James V and Mary Queen of Scots in it's lavish palace.

And yet, while the history may in itself be both fascinating and perhaps extremely relevant, today we must initially travel forwards in time, to the year twenty two twenty two.

For it is then in Linlithgow that Montgomery Scott is to be born. Third in command of the Starship Enterprise in the original Star Trek series, Montgomery is described in Wikipedia as "an engineer with no known equal in the universe"

By the time the first Star Trek movie - The Motion Picture was made, Mr Scott had been elevated in position to Commander ,although the cast changed in subsequent films. Now a Star Trek X1 is being produced which will resurrect the original characters, Kirk, Spock and of course Montgomery himself , or "Scotty" as he was known to friends, colleagues and viewers.

And so to the present.

Yesterday's Daily Express told how plans are underway, coordinated from Vulcan in Canada, to stage the European premiere of Star Trek X1 in Linlithgow - despite the fact it no longer has a cinema, the nearest being twelve miles or so away in Livingston. However local Provost Tom Kerr dismissed this as a mere "logistical" problem, so eager is he for the event to happen.
The full report can be read here.

Regular readers will recall my recent Snapdragon Towers and the numerical coincidences appertaining to the number 11 in relation to the Treaty of Lisbon and the Battle of the Standard . Here again are an abundance of elevens- Scotty's year of birth, 2222, and the movie title itself, Star Trek X1, the Roman 11.

The European premiere - in Linlithgow, capital of West Lothian - as discussed in MacLantis - The West Lothian Question early this year, with reference to peculiar sculptures, UFO abductions and ancient burial grounds.

Scheduled release date for the film - Christmas Day, 2008


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