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Thursday 21 February 2008

Close Invasions of the Satanical Kind

Yet another God sent natural communication has arrived in Scotland, this time a potentially "deadly" Harlequin ladybird has been spotted for the first time, one in Perthshire, not far from Mohamed al-Fayed's mansion, another in the remote Orkney islands. It is believed that tourists have somehow transported them.

From the BBC:

"It has a voracious appetite and they favour aphids, but once they've eaten them they turn to other things including the young of our own ladybirds and the eggs and caterpillars of moths and butterflies."

Harlequin is the given name because of the species tendency to vary in colour, however looking at the meaning of harlequin itself, we find, ominously :

"1590, from M.Fr. harlequin, from O.Fr. Herlequin, Hellequin, etc., leader of la maisnie Hellequin, a troop of demons who rode the night air on horses. He corresponds to O.E. Herla cyning "King Herla," mythical character sometimes identified as Woden; possibly also the same as the Ger. Erlk├Ânig "Elf King" of the Goethe poem. Sometimes also associated with Herrequin, 9c. count of Boulogne, who was proverbially wicked. In Eng. pantomime, a mute character who carries a magic wand. His It. form, arlecchino, is one of the stock characters of commedia del'arte. From his ludicrous dress comes the Eng. meaning "particolored" (1779)."

This ties in quite well with my previous posting, the King David stag hunting story, if we look at the mythology of Herla:

"A mythical king, the supposed leader of The Wild Hunt of Scandinavian mythology. This was known as the Raging Host in Germany and as Herlathing in England, from the name, Herla."

For sure, the messages are thick and fast.


BBC report here.

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