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Sunday 3 February 2008

Space Invaders (Rat-a-tat-tat)

More communication of the mysterious variety has arrived.

First we must embark on a journey,

At the very westernmost point of the Outer Hebrides, too far west to even be seen on the above map, lies an ultra-remote chain of small islands, or archipelago, called St. Kilda, where the only human inhabitants are military personnel, the last civilian inhabitants being evacuated in 1930. The military presence involves a base which is seemingly a Ministry of Defence radar station, although one never knows for certain what goes on behind closed doors.

A mere glance through the extensive wikipedia entry, as highlighted above, shows a long documented history of this wild and windy place; unique remains of curious ancient boat shaped rings, horned shaped architecture and Druid worship sit alongside legends of Bonnie Prince Charlie and a female warrior - the Amazon. More recently British film maker Michael Powell based his first film here, the 1937 classic - The Edge of the World.

However potential danger beckons for St Kilda, the native bird life anyway. On Friday, during force 11 gales, a Spanish trawler called the Spinningdale ran aground, the crew being rescued by a Coastguard S92 helicopter whilst another, a RAF Sea King 137, was scrambled and put on stand-by to help. You can find the report here, it contains a link to the rescue footage for those who like that sort of thing.

On Saturday the National Trust for Scotland voiced fears that rats may be harbouring on the stricken vessel and may invade the island, colonise, and wreak havoc on the sea bird population which includes puffins and Leach's storm pestrels. You can read the BBC report on this development here.

Moving back current communication, yet again as noted in previous posts we have repetition of the number 11. . Storm force gales of that power, additionally both helicopter numbers total the twin one's. An potential invasion of the Edge of the World ,then colonisation and massacre of the local inhabitants by dirty rodents who, curiously, live in a clan type social structure very similar to that of humans. Rats are most fascinating creatures, Konrad Lorenz studied them extensively, making several parallels to human collective behaviour.


And it is to parallels that I turn to for my next "coincidence". Going back to Michael Powell, we find that he directed his 3rd film with Emeric Pressburger, called the 49th Parallel. It was released in the USA as The Invaders, the plot being based round Nazi soldiers in Canada.

Now, if only we knew that St Kilda was in fact the legendary Thule.

"Nazi mystics
believed in a historical Thule/Hyperborea as the ancient origin of the Aryan race"



Michael said...

The Thulian "ship of state" fears the "useless eaters"? I guess they better call in the Pied Piper - Led Zep.

aferrismoon said...

I saw the 49th parallel I think.
And the Year of the Rat upcoming

Newspaceman said...

Cheers to you both.