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Friday, 1 February 2008

Roman Wolf Whistle ?

Those who take their
communication in mysterious ways will perhaps be interested in this. A BBC wildlife photography unit who were filming a pack of wolves in the Canadian Artic have managed to record remarkable footage of wolves taking to water to hunt birds - behaviour that has never been seen before according to a "wolf expert".

The full story can be accessed

"Arctic explorer Jim McNeill, who worked with the crew and kept a diary of his experiences for the BBC News website, was particularly taken with one young wolf who he nicknamed Lucy."

Short for Lucifer ?



Unknown said...

This reminds me of the female gorillas who were using sharpened sticks to attack other gorillas. Or maybe they were apes... a planet of the apes? Perhaps the consciousness hightening effect of our current age is affecting more than just humans?

Newspaceman said...

Perhaps it is, but I am curious as to what constitutes a wolf expert and how much experience he has with wolves before I would use this as evidence for it.

I wonder as to how they select the features and whether we (UK) have unconscious memories of ancient Rome and it's symbology - if so, are they subliminally played on in our minds to effect our behaviour.


Anonymous said...

And what about the sheep spookily forming a circle? It seems there have been a few very odd animal behaviors going on. I know theres another story I came across, similiar to the goat story. Something about birds doing something strange, besides dying in droves in specific areas that many have linked to EMP or aerosol ops or both. HAARP maybe? And with the recent work done by Alex Constantine on the cloak and dagger behavior of nano-tech and it's ties to a whole load of intel agencies, there is definitely something going on. AC's article from yesterday is definitely worth a read. When you see the list of angencies in attendance, it will blow your mind. His blogspot in aconstantineblacklist. The post was Feb. 13.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the list of antendees is a whos whos list of neocons. Another sync with Constantines recent work. Maybe there really is something to Dick Cheney's underground bunker vacations. Who'd want to be sprayed and beamed with some highly secretive bio/nano science linked to the military, biolabs, and "the crazies"? Especially with all the unexplained meteors and satellites probably crashing to earth? There is definitely something to this. Morgellons will be activated with HAARP and blamed on bird flu is my guess. There must be 50,000 videos of spraying and it's health effects over the past few years and yet the EPA, NASA, and NIH remain quiet as a mouse. Not to mention the "MSM".

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Leslie, thanks you for your comments and the link.

I think that the sheep formation was down to feeding, I see the same circle most days in a nearby field.

I would be more interested in wild animals behaviour - maybe that is to come, we will need to see.

Being honest, as regards disease spreading, I fancy rats or birds as the viral carrier. I believe that the zoning/cordoning off of areas in the foot and mouth "epidemic" was simply practice for this, if it happens.

Maybe even for civil order, if general unrest occurs, they will simply cordon off the hotspots then move in, arresting or whatever suits

I suppose it all depends how many workers they require for the new world, thing is, if you were running matters, you would want the survivors to be young, fit,and mostly as stupid as possible.

What really troubles me is the general apathy which pervades our society- television and media have invaded the mind of most, or so it seems.