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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bear King Mad

In my last post, Order from Chaos, I again noted the spiralling financial downfall of Glasgow Rangers whilst stressing the potential masonic global hoodwink given the involvement of the all important number 33.

Today, 3rd March, saw Rangers play Heart of Midlothian, Edinburgh's "Protestant" team. Rangers got beaten, 1-2. The media has been full of speculation about the future for the Bears, but what appears to be definite is that the club is running at a £1million loss per month and, as such, the administrators are imminently due to offload players and staff in order that the club is a more viable concern for it's sale - closing date the 16th. Rangers have no game next week thus potentially today's 3/3 game could have been the last ever for the "Billy (King William of Orange) Boys"as we know them; they will of course, as previously noted here, reincarnate from the ashes in phoenix format.

Something else touched on here recently is Rupert Murdoch's support of Scottish Independence. Rupert's - his son James resigned his chairmanship last week - News International is at the core of the ongoing phone hacking enquiry, an enquiry which will no doubt end with some form of press censorship. Rupert is pictured above with fiery, flame haired, Rebekah Brooks, ex Sun editor, again heavily implicated in the phone hacking conspiracy.

Image below is from the new Disney/Pixar movie, Brave, set in Scotland, due to be released in August : "
Formerly called The Bear and the Bow, the film follows Merida, an impetuous girl who defies an age-old custom and inadvertently unleashes chaos". (from BBC - Disney - The Brave). Note the movie is due to be released in the USA on 22nd June, the day after Prince William's thirtieth birthday and the sun drenched summer solstice (no coincidences there then).

Meanwhile, it appears that a set of giant Olympic rings are to be located in Edinburgh, on the man-made Mound in the shadow of Stone of Destiny (the one Prince William will be crowned on) containing Edinburgh Castle as I mentioned last month. (here).

Last but not least, the new offensive behaviour laws have been launched in Scotland, basically one has to watch what one writes on the internet especially in regard to religion and suchlike. I suppose it depends on the definition of offensive; which remains to be seen. You have been warned, as seems usual Scotland is a pioneer.


Top image - a bear about to be savaged by a police dog in Manchester after the infamous 2008 riot.
Bottom image - a bear being savaged. (german-shepherd)


paulo said...

you are an intuitive genius my freind.

Anonymous said...

Merida is therefore Artemis - related to the Greek for bear and she was the goddess of the hunt (arrows !.)

Artemis' roman goddess equivalent is DIANA.


Newspaceman said...

Thanks Paulo, thanks Anon2, much appreciated.

Newspaceman said...
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