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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Order from Chaos

Well today was the day for the "Sunday Sun" and, as noted in my last post, Rupert Murdoch's Scottish edition carries the "Independence" front page headline as imaged above. Personally, I would take the date with a pinch of salt. There was also an article on Glasgow Rangers which claims that the newspaper has a copy of a letter which implies that there is no chance of them avoiding liquidation given previous (illegal) tax free payments to players. Hence it looks like Rangers' phoenix nest is reading for torching, with a debt-free club rising immediately from the smouldering ashes.

It's worth casting a light over the shenanigans again. Glasgow Rangers were owned by a chap, Sir David Murray, a muti-millionaire tycoon who made the majority of his loot through his company, Murray International Metals, or MIM, or maybe even M eye M. He was also the chap who organised/oversaw the aforementioned tax avoidance scheme: HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) are currently involved in a court battle with Rangers over an alleged £49 million liability allegedly due to the tax free payments. Murray had been trying to sell the club for a few years and, last year, was introduced to another alleged multi-millionaire, Craig Whyte. Murray agreed to sell the club for a £1, with Whyte allegedly proving he had £33 million spare which he was going to utilise to clear an £18 million overdraft and provide working capital. Everyone seemed happy, even the supporters.

However, it has transpired that Whyte is a potless chancer who probably never ever had the £33 million and instead, allegedly secretly, sold the future rights for Rangers' season tickets for £24 million to a company called Ticketus. He then used 18 of the 24 million to clear the overdraft before, again allegedly secretly, selling Rangers' other assets including some long held and valuable Arsenal shares and the future rights to the pies and bovril (catering) income. He has fled to France, no one knows where the money is. As it stands, if the club lose the tax case, they will owe £70 odd million, 'cause Mr Whyte has also run up some £9 million additional tax arrears in his short time at the club; whilst they don't appear to have any fixed assets left.

Which just leaves the phoenix Rangers resurrection outcome; which incidentally is tipped to be headed by a South African businessman, Dave King.

Then there's the global banking system, apparently Scots rooted; certainly we were one of the first (1695) and it was indeed Scotsmen who founded the Banks of France (John Law 1716) and the Bank of England (William Paterson 1694). It appears that the whole global-economic-caboodle is, like Rangers, ready to fall, Greece, Ireland, Spain etc., no doubt bringing down the rest like a tower of dominoes.

My contention is that once that happens, we will need to begin again,
afresh. The world economies will allegedly, on paper at least, be bankrupt. My understanding is that this is already the case and that to all intents and purposes we could compare the bankers with Murray and Whyte who have surely conspired together in the Glasgow Rangers (The Billy Boys) debacle. Therefore we just await global financial meltdown,"our" Dave King (King David) "white knight", and his rescue package.

To be ritually sourced in Scotland via the Stone of Destiny.

Pure alchemy; welcome to the Golden Age.


bottom image, front cover of top-freemason Albert Pike's (Scottish Rite) Morals and Dogma craft-classic. De rigeuer in every Lodge library. Note the 33, the 33 stars, the double headed eagle (phoenix), and the Latin phrase Ordo Ab Chao: Order from Chaos.

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