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Monday, 19 March 2012

Lambs to the Slaughter

Further details have today been released re the Olympic torch relay; a 70 day journey with each torchbearer carrying the flame "for about 300m and about 110 people will take part each day". (Try some multiplication). "It will pass through 1,018 places as well as visiting Dublin on its journey to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on 27 July." (And some addition perhaps too, thinking backwards and ignoring zeros)."

Day 22 (the double eleven) - on 9/6 - of the event features a journey through Scotland from Glasgow to Inverness, the lucky media-highlighted carrier in this instance a young schoolgirl , Lorna Linfield, "
from near Fort William" pictured below with the lamb. Lorna apparently plays in a music group and helps out with a charity called "Mary's Meals".

The oldest carrier of the torch is to be a "Diana Gould", currently aged 99, who will carry the torch through Barnet, historically a high vantage stopping point on the main Edinburgh - York - London road.


BBC report - All quotes and bottom image.

Note - Link to Tsarion Irish OriginsAppendixes on right gives more detailed info on the lamb and it's importance to "freemasonry"; notwithstanding their lambskin aprons, York rites, Scottish rites etc.


aferrismoon said...

And kid's gloves



I don't get your math... care to break it down?

Newspaceman said...

Cheers Moon, thanks.

Jeff, the 3 times the eleven giving the ubiquitous 33. The 1018 plus one (Dublin) gives 1019. Backwards, ignoring the zero, 911. Bear in mind though that "we" write 11th September as 11/9, so maybe not backwards after

Better mention too that Gould is prenounced Gold thus Diana Gold, aged 99 (9x11).

While here; at the Queen's diamond jubilee shindig yesterday the speakers from parliament finished at 11 11 am, the new stained glass window was unveiled straight away.



Is that right? ;) Well I'll have to steal that - thanks.