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Saturday, 17 March 2012


Thirteenth March as well as being the date of the Dunblane massacre is also the date that Rangers ex top-boy, Sir David Murray, lost his legs in an accident. He chose to utilise the date, and remind us of his his misfortune, when he eventually apologised this week for selling the football club to Mr. Whyte: "I was duped". "It's 36 years ago today — March 13 — that I had my accident. I have had quite a few obstacles put in my life".(here)

Meanwhile, as Rangers deal with the ramifications of such, it appears that they are in fact not legally in administration as no-one bothered to tell the regulatory body, The Financial Services Authority. As such there was another court case held on 9th March (see my previous posts re the abundance of 3's and 33's in this scenario) and yet another is to be held this Monday, 19th March (BBC news). That's in addition to another case ongoing and due to be heard again on Monday re the Ticketus funds. Meanwhile three bidders have expressed an interest in purchasing the club, given Friday past's (16/3) closing date, the most media-conspicuous being the Blue Knights.

Given that Rangers debatably entered administration on 14th February, and may well find themselves not to be this coming Monday , then according to my calculations they will have spent some 33 full days in bogus administration, Monday being the 34th.

As I have noted before in previous posts, the front cover of freemasonic icon, Albert Pike's, Morals and Dogma, tells all; my understanding being that the situation as Glasgow Rangers is simply a microcosm alluding to the impending, financially bound, phoenix-styled, New World Order.


ordo ab chao - order from chaos.

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