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Thursday, 12 May 2011

A Brave Heart ?

In my last few posts I again pondered over the Braveheart enigma - a highlighting that Scotland is destined to be the future role model for other countries, our "society" replicated globally to produce a New World Order, a sort of police state like human farm where all work and no play is the key, yet we believe we are free.

Indeed only last week (Barnum effect), I utilised the media story of (Braveheart) Barry Hughes' fourth child, given the boxing/New York/Madison Square Gardens/circus connection, whilst a few weeks ago, (suspect device) I dwelt upon the freemasonry angle attached to the letter bomb campaign against Glasgow Celtic manager Neil Lennon, given the Kilwinning (mother lodge) association.

Last night and today saw dramatic developments. Firstly, as Celtic played away to Heart of Midlothian at Tynecastle Park, a home - Hearts - "supporter" ran on the pitch and attacked Lennon. Whether he was brave or perhaps under some form of mind-control is no doubt a matter of opinion, however John Clark Wilson is now in jail, remanded. His photo is above, note the Saltire style blue and white attire, topped with a New York Yankees (once known as the Highlanders) baseball cap. Obviously there is outrage, his ex girlfriend is reported as calling him a "clown".

This morning saw police raids in Kilwinning, two arrests in connection (BBC report) with the letter bombs.



aferrismoon said...

Considering your highlighting of Kung-Fu footballer and fighting fans this appears seamless.

The attacker wears Adidas Huns versus Lennon's Nike which has for a logo the 'tic.


Newspaceman said...

Cheers aferrismoon.

J.C. Wil-son. Ties up with the Godman letter bomb thing too.