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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Strings of Leon ?

Early this morning, not long after the lunar eclipse, one of the Kings of Leon's tour buses went on fire, quickly spreading to an adjacent coach (perhaps a twin), the two completely incinerated. Sixty firefighters attended the scene, called out at 8.18. Sunrise was at 8.04. The Kings of Leon are a US, family-related band, all surnamed Followill.

The venue was the 02 (perhaps Oz), once the Millennium Dome, a structure which architecturally symbolically represents the "role played by Greenwich Mean Time" (

The below image is the cover of a DVD release from last year.


wiki -Kings of Leon.


Anonymous said...

Saros 125 time of greatest eclipse:

2010 Dec 21 08:18:04


ray said...

"The Kings of Leon are a US, family-related band, all surnamed Followill."

whoa! Followill lol lookit what landed in newpaceman's stocking

the Kings had a chritian fundie upbringing, then fled to Nashville (home of the "OSirian Resurrection Chamber"/Bicentennial Mall) to become rock stars -- yr recent post included Elvis/pyramid graphic... both nashville and Memphis associated w/elvis

Fairhall and i wrote about the 02Dome and Greenwich england/ny occult singatures back in 1997, i had one at blogspot called "Mean Time" -- under a photo of O2 Dome i wrote:

"Does this place remind anyone else of a mine? Like touch one of those golden spikes and ka-boom?"

:O) delayed fuse i guess

Madonna's brother designed the 02 interior, but those binary buses in the New Age parking lot dont look too secure, what with being on fire and all..

"I know that some don't trust the KJV, I read it was "revised" by the Jesuit fraternity based at Holyrood (the place/palace i keep bleatin on about). He was House of Stuart. Re Sophia, it was reported today that that was the most popular girl's name in Scotland last year. It was jack for boys"

sophia why am i not surprised yeah i couldnt get over that, Sophie SMALLHORN no less! and note that she (like subsequent 02 incident) is and artist connected to a brit public stadium (olympic)

the beast gets power, throne and authority, but "a woman" rides or controls it

as for Holyrood, no 'bleating' at all, esp in reference to the KJV --

1599 first masonic law minutes

1601 James VI Scot joins Scoon and Perth, 1603 becomes James of England, same year authorizes english translation of greek/latin scripture

1604 Fellow Craft degree introduced by Bacon

1605 Guy Fawkes

speaks for itself -- i like KJV tone and lit style but dont rely on it see above -- i compare versions instead

do let us know if any more rock star buses incinerate in front of your aquarian monuments



Newspaceman said...

Leon is Noel, backwards.

cheers z, cheers Ray. (I knew about Ben's posts, but dont have access.

aferrismoon said...

In the fires in Israel a bus with 42 cadet prison guards was wholly consumed by fire. The fire was of pine [Xmas] trees and previously green [ wich].


Leon was also a name used by Lee Oswald , guess why he was a 'lone' gumnman.


ray said...

cheers z, cheers Ray. (I knew about Ben's posts, but dont have access.


dunno if he's still writing, heard he was back on the Goddess Trail so, you know, vacations in ogygia can be lenghty

fleas and entrances to caves, as you said

this series of posts, leonine kings du Follow Will n rising beests n whatnot reminds me of the "willful horns" photos on yr front page, and

1) of the Sophie(a) Smallhorn 'artistic involvement' (that sounded kinda geomantic) w/the Olympic Stadium, which contains triangular horns ... as the 02 dome has spiky sea-krittur horns

2) horns biblically usually = power, oft in endtimes contexts of landmass, nations, or spheres of influence

i discuss this in 'All the Dark Continents' re Africa and its Horn plus Great Eye of [lake] Victoria, esp in regard to Rev. and current NWO policy on that continent under direction of Sec of State Der Hilder Beest, who's been pushing mass circumcision, roving police units for 'sex crimes' etc etc

AF just trampled her:

"Clinton said the goal of empowering women and girls is a "central tenet" of American foreign policy. "Women's equality is not just a moral issue, it's not just a humanitarian issue, it is not just a fairness issue," she said, "It is a security issue...."

beest has great horns (power), woman rides beest, so on

cheers also spaceboy, and hey if you see fairhall in one o the publicans, cheers from me and hows the old grrl too? ;O)


Tom Drewery said...
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