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Friday 24 December 2010


All year I went on about the Pope's visit to the UK on 16/9, in particular the significance of it's commencement at Royal Holyrood, or Holy-cross, Edinburgh.

99 days later, Christmas Eve, the Pope has appeared on the BBC Radio programme "Thought for the Day", thanking the UK for his welcome in September and using the highly "unique occasion" to remind listeners that "God is always faithful to his promises but often surprises us in the way he fulfils them". Make of that what you will given my last musings.

Meanwhile tomorrow, one hundred (XxX) days after the unprecedented Papal State visit, the Queen's Christmas Message will break with convention after being recorded for the first time ever at Hampton Court Palace , rather than the usual Buckingham. The BBC link is below and includes a short 22 second preview which has been released by the Crown; apparently this year's "central focus" is, unsurprising given my last few posts, sport and it's apparent importance "to building communities and creating harmony".

wiki -Hampton Court (King James 1st & 6th, Bible, Stuarts).

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aferrismoon said...

Spot on!

Loads of grants for sports to take minds off the old poverty.

At least you'll have a team