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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Paisley Pattern

A second death from swine-flu has occurred here in Scotland: overnight a 73 year old gentleman passed away at the same medical hospital as the first victim - the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Paisley.

Paisley is probably best known globally in respect of the Paisley pattern, a teardrop shaped design similar to the Yin yang, originally from Persian and Indian cultures and associated with the cow-worshipping Hindu faith. It was extremely popular in 1967, the Summer of Love, really the time when outdoor music festivals in the manner of Glastonbury took off, although the latter, held on a dairy farm situated on a ley line convergence, did not begin until 3 years later.

In my Mexican swine-flu related post yesterday, I promised to expand, in a numerical context, on the choice of 27th June as Armed Forces Day. We have touched on the occult (semi-hidden) properties of 27 on numerous occasions, it being 3 cubed (3x3x3), the countries in the Treaty of Lisbon etc. etc.,, but I think the most significant part in this particular choice of date is that, as stated yesterday, it is the 178th day of the year with 187 remaining. Adding the digits gives us 16, four squared, in both instances, whilst subtracting one from the other provides 9, nine being 3 squared. Recalling equations and schoolboy geometry, specifically Pythagoras' 345 right angled triangle, we observe that this is, and always has been, essential to any constructural building project, including the Pyramids. Just as the military is essential and the right angle to the close to completion building of forthcoming Sun God, Prince William's, New World Order governed global world.

Going back to Scotland, it requires noting that Armed Forces Day in Glasgow was marred by sect-Aryan related violence. 13 individuals, 12 men and a woman arrested.
BBC report here.

To close, remember the unfortunate second swine-flu victim's age - 73 - the same age as Glastonbury organiser, Michael Eavis. We have dwelt on Aleister Crowley in very recent posts, mainly in respect of his mountaineering exploits. Page 73 (as linked below), from his Book of Lies -Liber 333 - is titled THE MOUNTAINEER. Cockney rhyming slang for lies is porkies, short for pork pies.

Back tomorrow with the Or-well book-giving HM Queen's visit to Scotland and, maybe, Paisley Park's Prince and the Revolution.

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