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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The melting pot

Esther Rantzen
 Last October, we wrote the short post - Fitting the Bill - noting how United Kingdom Chancellor, George Osborne, had been tipped to sell off the Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBOS) and indeed had appointed the bankers, Rothschild, to set out the "pros and cons".

As  noted back then, we expected RBOS to become "more relevant" up until the referendum for independence. We also told of our fears that when global economic breakdown occurs - which is on the cards - the Royal Bank will be the benchmark, the cornerstone, of the emerging "new" economy which is created, phoenix style,  from the ashes of the old. 

Yesterday, Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, told Members of Parliament that there was a "distinct possibility" that the Royal Bank will have to relocate, if Scotland votes for independence.  If this happens then the Bank is still technically Scottish, just as if a Scotsman moves to England or Wales, although Carney didn't say that last bit.  (BBC News)
"Eco warriers" at  RBOS HQ - Knights in White Satin
It is fair to say that current banking and economic systems are rooted, historically, in Scotland. It was even a Scotsman who founded the Bank of England.

The New World Order, or global society, will no doubt utilise one currency, it's just so much easier; not withstanding Biblical prophecy which, incidentally, is being utilised as a script

The Royal Bank of Scotland has been bailed out by the UK taxpayer. In recent years, it has set aside a multitude for bad debts and written down it's balance sheet. It is fair to say that it is one of the most solid banks on the globe and even "owns" Coutts, which itself was founded by a Scotsman.

We could wax lyrical about freemasonry, it's importance to the construction of the society we inhabit, and it's Scottish root, but we do it all the time.

We could wax lyrical about Prince William, his future coronation, and the Scottish located Stone of Destiny. We could even point out how the UK monarch's head appears on coins and banknotes.

But let's just remember that all magick is based on ritual and that if something has worked before when a set of "circumstances" are followed, then if the same "circumstances" are followed, it will work again.
Esther Rantzen checks Jimmy Savile's "gold". Jimmy loved Scotland, in particular Glencoe.



Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but muse for a moment on the seeming appropriateness of his name -

Newspaceman said...

Many thanks, most apt. It seems there is another Carney involved with the Malaysian plane :

White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that US teams were shifting their focus to the Indian Ocean because of "new information", but he gave no further details.