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Friday, 28 March 2014

King Size Numbers

Here at newspaceman, as often noted, we dig numerical patterns. Often we believe that these patterns are more than coincidence...

Back in 2008, on 27th March, there were some interesting happenings in London. We were drawn to them, firstly because of the date, 27 being 3x3x3, March being the third month. At football club Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown was meeting with then French top-dog, Nicolas Sarkozy. From the Guardian :

Sarkozy says Brown was one of the best finance ministers in Europe in the past decade. "We have been working hand in glove," he says through a translator. Sarkozy says it is interesting that Brown talks about "Europe in a global world".

It wasn't just their meeting that grabbed our attention though, as almost simultaneously an "unprecedented" "army sized" police operation was taking place in North London, very close to the Emirates Stadium, in a "dramatic crackdown on drug dealers, thieves and passport forgers". From the Daily Express :

The 600 officers were part of a 1,122-strong unit that swooped on notorious crime gangs plaguing a North London borough

Now, there are many reasons why 1122 rings, or should ring, bells; for example JFK, Dirty Harry, a dark Prince William on Hello's front page, but I can look a bit closer to home for a more up to date example.

Yesterday, 27/3, Protestant/Orange, Glasgow Rangers football club, released their half-yearly financial results. It was a loss of £3.6 million. Now, I wrote far too much about the Rangers saga over the last couple of years, the basic thrust being that what has happened to the club is a foretaste of what will happen with the (Scots founded) global economy. In so much as things won't really change, but all the money - which doesn't really exist anyway - will disappear. Then phoenix style, from it's own ashes, the economy will be reborn, although this time there will be a single global currency, as envisaged in the Bible. From today's Daily Record :

"Given the obvious need for investment we again urge the board to accept King’s offer of £30m."

Note that the "King" they refer to is a Dave King (King Dave), who is allegedly attempting to buy the club. 

And, before I forget, Rangers entered financial administration  under Court reference P221/12.

From, The Times, 01/11/12



hirundine said...

May not be an expert on National debt. But was N. Sarkozy on drugs? When talking about Mr. Brown's handling of the finances of the country.

At the time 2008, it was 0.53 trillion pounds in debt. Since then it has ballooned to 1.13 trillion pounds.

When politicians talk about country's debt. No matter which country, they always use the royal "we". They govern and "we" are responsible?

aferrismoon said...

If the idea were to get into debt then Brown dod a fine job

Newspaceman said...

I think you have both "got it".