Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Stars and Stripes

Note the 11 11's.
According to old BBC reports (here), Prestwick Airport itself, and various Elvis Presley websites, the "King" briefly touched down in Scotland on 3th March (3/3) 1960 after completing his military service. It was, allegedly, the only time he set foot on British soil.

Today's Daily Record correctly contradicts the date slightly though, and gives it as 2nd March, although it was in the evening. One can only imagine the source of the "error".

It would be fair to suggest that Elvis was the first global superstar, a living "god", worshipped by many.  Obviously, now, others have followed in his "footsteps, indeed sometimes it appears that our entire society revolves around "celebrity" worship: music stars, sports stars, movie stars.

After Elvis returned to America, the first album he released was  Elvis is Back.

It's serial/issue number was LPM/LSP 2231. A gold "remastering" on CD, ref GZS-1111 was later released. (67 Not Out).

Some believe that the numerals 1111 are "important". Some "New-Agers" would suggest they pertain to a new "spiritual" season for mankind. Uri Geller digs them.  Others are dubious.

Prince William - a future King - has an association with the digits. He appeared on the front cover of Hello Magazine, issue 1111, dated 22/02/2010. Prince William has numerous associations here in Scotland, he studied and met Kate here,his family "own" (actually, they own everything. If one purchases a house, one only buys the title, if one buys a car, one is the registered keeper - the Crown the "owners".)  properties galore, he shoots pheasants, catches salmon etc. etc.

Jimmy Savile, William's Dad's mate, meets Elvis - note handshake

A long time ago, people worshipped the sun, they held it, for obvious reasons - and I shiver as I write - in deep regard.

Occultists, and suchlike, appear to worship the sun. 

Prince William was torn from his mother's womb on the longest day of the year - the summer solstice. There was a partial solar eclipse on that day.

Some occultists might consider that, if one was "born" at the same time as the moon obscures the sun, then one, symbolically, magically, "represents" the sun in some aspect.


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