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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Bavarian Princess in Scotland

Last weekend was the  annual ritual Oktoberfest party at Kinkell, an event which is apparently "one of the highlights of the social calendar" for St. Andrew's University students. Daily Record

A guest, Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein, yesterday appeared in court after allegedly threatening to kill Muslims, shouting homophobic abuse, and attacking fellow revellers at the shindig. Not only that, she apparently called the police "paedophiles".

The Princess is the daughter of a German prince and a Swedish mother.
Kinkell is a place with historical links to the (Catholic) House of Stuart and the Covenanters.

St. Andrew's is where Kate and Prince William met whilst studying. St. Andrew is Scotland's patron saint and the one we get the X (saltire) flag from. It was St. Andrew's bones that the Pope and  Cardinal O'Brien prayed over at 13.00, just after the Pontiff had met "our" (Germanic) Queen at Holyrood back in 2010.

Kate went to a St. Andrew's School, although not in Scotland.

Occultist, Aleister Crowley, believed that dark energies congregate in Scotland.

Today it is widely reported that Theresa Riggi has committed suicide. She was the very-religious, Catholic,  Californian woman who killed her 3 children in Edinburgh four years ago. (BBC News)

Now disgraced anti homosexual, homosexual Cardinal O'Brien -the same one who lunched with the Pope - visited her in prison in 2011. (Scottish Sun)

It's her image above, I'll skip on the Disney mind-control aspects for now.


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