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Monday, 3 March 2014

"Just" numbers..

The rings spell 88 - or two sets of mirrored 3's
It's 3/3.

Do we see the prospect of a 3rd World War, or is it just scaremongering when the Russians give a 3.00 GMT deadline of surrender to Ukraine's forces in Crimea, or face an all out assault. 

88 days ago, Nelson Mandela allegedly passed away. Today, a memorial service was held at Westminster Abbey for him. (BBC News)

Some suggest that Mandela was a freemason. There were some "famous faces" at the event, including two ex Prime Ministers and the current one (two?) . Mandela was released from imprisonment on 11th February (11/2) 1990. We touched on the double eleven just last post.  Given that freemasonry alludes to create a "perfect" society, where all are "equal", it makes some sense that Nelson would be part of the craft.

Over at the blog Merovee, Frank has done some sterling work on the "coincidences" surrounding the digits 88, PIE, Harriet Harman (and her butterfly brooch), and the Russian's Olympic Rings. Remember one of the five failed to illuminate at the (Russian) Sochi opening ceremony, as imaged top.

Slightly off topic, or perhaps not, the image below is Kim Kardashian last week at the Vienna Ball (nothing to to with the Convention). Apparently she left early after being "abused" by a white man with a black face, mimicking Kayne West. Reference was also made to "Niggers in Vienna". Kim's attire for the evening is somewhat Knights Templar cross. There was even some blood for the ritual gathering. mail on line



Frank said...

Hi Brian

Very bizarre. Just before I read your article, I was reading the electricity meter and thinking they're 'Just numbers' and come back on the computer and see your article! Weirdness is the new normal.

Another 88 with Obama proclaiming Happy Hour. 88=HH.

And I'm not sure if you've seen this - KK = 11/11 = 22. Your fave numbers.

Just Numbers or are they unfair ?


... said...

Apparently, as I've been reading, the current 2014 horoscope is full of aspects 'perfect for world war'...LoL in a sort of ironic way!

Harry the Red was also at the Mandela memorial.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Frank, just, unfair ? They are certainly symbolic.

Hiya Marie, I think Crowley described it as an age of war, so it seems apt. I saw Harry too, lol.