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Thursday, 23 May 2013


Burtons Biscuits shortbread tin. Most of the workers at Burton's Edinburgh plant are now from an Eastern European background, are highly mobile, and are willing to work for crumbs.

Yesterday's Double standards post noted blood-sport loving Princes Charles and William frowning at the exploitation of animals in respect of the "middle classes" desire for "exotic products reflecting their economic prosperity and status".

In the same vein, today's BBC contains a bizarre story regarding an design student, Jocelyn Brown, who has fashioned handbags from the lining of the stomach of a highland cow, bags which her tutor claims would be ideal for that infamous mind control victim, Lady Gaga. Jocelyn claims that "40 percent of the animal is edible but a lot of the off cuts, like tripe, are used for dog food".  No mention is given of how much one of the bags would potentially cost, although one would envisage that they would not be mass-produced for the "lower classes".

Some might suggest that William and Charles were hinting at, in respect of the "middle class" terminology utilised, the elite game plan. As such Jocelyn may struggle to find a market in the future other than Gaga.  Basically what is being undertaken is a new global Garden of Eden with new Gods (the very upper class) and "naked", dumbed down, Adam and Eves ( a greatly diminished in size all the rest of us).

It won't be that difficult to complete, the bulk of the engineering having been done, just a final few tweaks are all that's required, for example global economic meltdown. From Eden, outer space colonisation beckons...
Charles and Willam herd cattle


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