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Thursday, 30 May 2013

A bridge too far ?

Aleister Crowley's Liber Oz
Today, a Mark Bridger was convicted of the murder of April Jones, aged 5, from Machynlleth, on 01/10/12 after a fairly lengthy trial. April was "snatched" from the street whilst out playing. (here)

The background to the case can be found at aangirfan, including the fact that Bridger's father was a royal protection officer based at Windsor.

During the trial Bridger claimed he ran over April and could not then remember anything else that happened, due to his intake of alcohol. His memory appears to have been shattered. Furthermore, it was stated that Bridger had never served with the armed forces, which he at one time claimed.

April's body has ever been located.

Also during the trial, it was revealed that Bridger kept "indecent material" involving young girls on his computer. From the BBC :

"The jury heard evidence of three folders on Mr Bridger's computer. Two were titled with girls' names and another was called "ZO", where most of the indecent material was located"

Bridger claimed he saved the indecent images -which were a substantial part of the prosecution evidence - as he intended to complain about them.  No mention was given of why he chose that specific file name.

According to some, the movie Wizard of Oz is used as a tool in mind control programming. Oz is Zo backwards. (here)

My last post noted some numerical happenings. Aleister Crowley wrote a paper, Liber Oz, or Book 77. It's nothing to do with the London bombings. It's written in words of one syllable for easy understanding - childsplay - and it's about will. It appears to condone killing.  (here)

There's reputedly a demon within ouija boards called ZOZO. 

Back in June 2012, I wrote a post called pssssss, noting a slender connection between the Olympic torch crossing Loch Ness (where Crowley once lived) and simultaneous flooding in Pennan, Wales. The connection was that Led Zeppelin wrote most of their Led Zeppelin 3 material in a cottage called Bron-Yr-Aur (Golden Hill), which is located in Pennan,Wales, "near Machynlleth". Jimmy Page bought Crowley's Loch Ness Boleskin House. Jimmy Page's "symbol" was ZoSo; perhaps Zofo.

Jimmy Page starred in the Beijing Olympic handover, back in 2008. In my post then - Things are not always as they seem -  I considered the possibility that the handover ritual was a parody of the movie Wizard of Oz.

Prince Charles' car after alleged attack by student rioters in Regent Street, London. See previous post re Regent Street. Note Wizard of Oz promoting billboards on theatre.


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