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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Caveat emptor

Jim, with one of Prince Charles' welcoming reception ladies
Today's mail on line reports further developments on the Jimmy Savile front, his Glencoe cottage has again been vandalised, although this time there's no allusion to freemasonry, but rather just a blood red "Glen Savile" and a broken window.

The article also reports that the cottage will be up for grabs by auction this month, the particulars are here, although there is no mention of the previous owner, nor the possibility that the property is possessed in some manner, given the probability of previous heinous acts being undertaken on the premises. I provided my own anticipated particulars here ,where I specifically mentioned that prospect - it troubles me slightly that the auctioneers do not seem to be carrying out their legal requirement of "duty of care", insofar as the cottage could well transpire to be a Scottish Amityville.

Meanwhile, Jimmy's "mate", Cardinal O'Brien, the anti-homosexual, homosexual priest who famously entertained the Pope with lunch and prayers over St. Andrew's bones after the Pontiff's unprecedented and historic meeting with the Queen at Holyrood Palace in the shadow of sphinx-like Arthur's Seat, has been expelled from Scotland for the "purpose of spiritual renewal, prayer and penance". (BBC News

Peas in a pod ?



Unknown said...

Need to call in an exorcist?

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

A whole posse of them Aangirfan, there's great evil lingering in "Jimmy's Glen" and thereabouts.

See Crowley and his Thelemic Kibla - Boleskin House.