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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Chasing teddy bears

"If he abandons his appeal, it means that Lockerbie will be one of those mysteries like the assassination of President Kennedy that will remain unsolved for a long time - possibly forever."

So said former Scottish Labour MP, Tam Dalyell, in response to the recent and ongoing controversy regarding "bomber", Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, and his potential release from custody. (
BBC: Bomber treated like a celebrity)

Now, when it comes to the "mystery" of President Kennedy my money lies on the findings of James Shelby Downard as noted in his essay,
King-Kill/33:Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy where he speculated that the deed was carried out as part of a long term occult programme "motivated to bring about syncretism in opposing principles in order to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon and establish a One World government. "

I have re-read this essay over the last few days and would draw the readers attention to some coincidences between Downard's evidence and conclusions in conjunction with the Lockerbie bombing, an incident already, perhaps purposely, marinated in multiple "conspiracy theories".

The basics of Lockerbie are that Pan-Am flight 103, Clipper of the Seas, blew up over the Scottish town at 7.03pm on Wednesday 21st December 1988 en route to New York's John F Kennedy International Airport, resulting in the deaths of 243 passengers, 16 crew and 11 locals.

From JSD:

A "keystone" is the designation for which, when set in place, "keys" or locks the whole. A symbolic keystone is vital to the legend of the Masonic Royal Arch Degree of York. The earliest known record of such a degree is in the annals of the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, on December 22, 1753.

To begin to understand the link between this, Lockerbie, and freemasonry we must firstly accept that freemasonry has direct links with solar worship of some description and that 22nd December is the date of the winter solstice, i.e. the beginning of the increase of daylight hours, the light bringer. Whilst Lockerbie occurred on the 21st December, the year was leap, 1988, and thus an extra day had been added in February. So the sun was, roughly, in the same position in the sky as a "normal" 22nd December.

As Downard notes, "locks the whole" thus Lock-erbie, a place named after the Norse god Loki, a trickster no less, who according to mythology, sometimes took the form of a salmon, the king of fish.

The date, 21/12/88 when added as 21+12+88 equals 121, 11 squared. For those unaware of the elite's occult symbolism regarding the number 11 (and indeed 33), I would point out, for example, Armistice Day and the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month". Another prominent 11 squared will be noted later, in the interim on the same note it is interesting that Lockerbie lies very close to the A74 motorway and it's postcode is DG11 which, if we assign numerals to the letters DG, gives us 47 11. Squares and cubes are important symbols to freemasonry, in terms of building.

The fatal accident enquiry into the disaster opened on 01/10/90. Ground the zeros.

After a three year investigation, indictments for murder against Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamin Khalifah Fhimah were issued on 13/11/91. Adding this, in the previous noted manner, equals 125, or 5 cubed. On 23/3/95 (121 again) they were listed as numbers 441 and 442 in the FBI's most wanted list.

It appears that Mr. al-Megrahi was, pretty sketchily, convicted under the remit that he had been involved in constructing and smuggling the bomb onto the flight in a Samsonite suitcase. We will return to this, in the interim, it should be noted that: "The early Freemasons were frequently known as Sam's Sons (i.e. Solomon's Sons), and Samson, who held up the two pillars of the temple, was used as their allegorical archetype." (From
Shakespeare and Freemasonry) Notwithstanding that, the Samsonite suitcase was named after the Biblical strongman.

Now, the character who provided most of the evidence about the suitcase was a Libyan double agent, Abdul Majid, who had links with both the C.IA. and F.B.I. He was thoroughly discredited in court, although curiously is now an American citizen. He had previously testified to an American grand jury that Libyan leader Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, his foreign minister and the president of Malta were all Masons and part of a Masonic conspiracy although he refused to answer questions related to this at the Lockerbie trial. As stated, he was shredded by the defence, yet his words still seemed to hold weight in the mind of the judges - there was no jury. The full story of his evidence which was heard on 27/9/00 (3 cubed, 3 squared) can be found
here, it should also be noted that it was stated in court that at one stage of his career as a paid informer he reputedly asked the CIA "if it would be possible to get $2,000 to buy bananas for his return to Libya, where they sell for 2 to 3 times the Maltese price"

Another key, in fact the star, prosecution witness was Tony Gauci, who ran a clothes shop in Sliema, Malta called Mary's House. Sliema takes it's name from a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary under the title of Star of the Sea. Tony testified, on 11/7, that he had sold pyjamas, which were used to surround the bomb in the suitcase, to al-Mehrahi but was later discredited by a top Scottish judge, Lord Fraser, who was involved in other aspects of the case, including the initial investigation. The Lord said, (from Inconvenient truths) that "Gauci was not quite the full shilling. I think even his family would say [that he] was an apple short of a picnic. He was quite a tricky guy, I don’t think he was deliberately lying but if you asked him the same question three times he would just get irritated and refuse to answer"

Witness, Pierre Salinger, a former White House Press Secretary to Presidents John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, stated in court that he knew who the real bombers were but was told by trial judge, Lord Sutherland: "If you wish to make a point you may do so elsewhere, but I'm afraid you may not do so in this court."

He never did get round to making the point public knowledge and now is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. From JSD: The Kennedy and Oswald burials were both at "Arlington": JFK at the National Cemetery near Washington, D.C., and Oswald at Rosehill Cemetery near Arlington, Texas. "Arlington" is a word of significance in Masonic sorcery and mysticism and it has a hidden meaning which ties in with necrolatry.

Sticking with Arlington, a remembrance cairn is located there for the Lockerbie victims, which was dedicated by Bill Clinton on 3/11/95. There is another in 'Merca, at Syracuse NY. James Shelby Downard stresses the importance of "ruby light" and ties it in with the metaphorical ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. Syracuse is nicknamed; The Emerald City.


Note: aferrismoon, praia knowledge.

The solstice used to fall on Lucifer's, sorry, St Lucy's Day, 13/12, before calendar reformation. This was the date chosen for the signing of the treaty of Lisbon, as noted in my post Going back to our roots.

More on picnics, Culloden and the scotch egg phoenix allegory, see a box without hinges, key, or lid...


Michael said...

Fascinating. The Sam's sons label reminds us of "Son of Sam". I recall reading that Samson could be considered a solar deity archetype, though he brought DOWN the two pillars supporting the Dagon temple. Probably did it on the ancient equivalent of 9/11.

Speaking of, I'll bet there was a Samsonite suitcase involved there too. All this temple destruction reminds me of Jesus throwing out the money changers (The World Trade Center standing in nicely) and also the destruction of the Second Temple, accomplished by Titus in 70 AD.

The Maltese connection touches on many of my own little synch nuggets over the past year, especially "The Star of the Sea". We have the Catholic Church resonating pajamas "cloaking" the deadly bomb that brought down the "Clipper of the Seas", resonating the Dagon temple. Something fishy...

aferrismoon said...

Quite a few synchs with my latest post ' Praia Knowledge]


aferrismoon said...

Using the Hebrew:
DG = 7 = Fish
A = 1
LMD = 74

ALPh[ Alef] spelt in full:-

441 = AMTh = Truth , and this gets written and put on the Golem's forhead. To 'kill' the Golem the A must get removed to leave the word MTh - Death

Samson - ShMShVN = 696. The word ShMSh = a word for 'the sun'
He brough down the pillars in the Temple of Dagon - DG - Fish, again, and also a sneaky Dorothy Gale

Just imagining all the Israelites packing their Samsonites a couple of days before the Exodus and then all their luggage ending up in Babylon.

One of the events just after 9/11 was the killing of a Sikh. In some parts of the US 'wearing fabric on the head' type people are all the same.
Reading about Lockerbie a Sikh made it to the flight too late to embark and thus survived.


Anonymous said...

3 (to the power 0) = 1
3 (to the power 1) = 3
3 (to the power 2) = 9
3 (to the power 3) = 27

From the Unity comes (mathematical / material)progression.

Read Graves to understand the number 27.

aferrismoon said...

Anon , r u sugggesting we wander cemetaries?


Anonymous said... you're into that kinda'thaang !

Robert Graves' 'The White Goddess'. He was a master in developing a large part of an esoteric story that has gone underground for millenia.

aferrismoon said...

Had a go at the White Goddess , but couldn't see the wood for the trees.

Grave Robbers.

Often walk the graveyards, never stuck my hand the Erica tree/ Coffin


Anonymous said...

Had a go at the White Goddess , but couldn't see the wood for the trees

lol! no shittim

rose tint goggles :O)


Unknown said...

Hah, bananas in pajamas, classic. The Sam's-Son-ite suitcase was the McGuffin in Dumb and Dumber.
Odd that Anon mentions #27 as I've just come across it via the number 72 from my Lucky 68 post. I did a quick synchro wiki page on the number 27 as well.