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Thursday 8 January 2009

You have been horned

We perused the subject of Prince William being the Templar's Baphomet last month and note from this week that he and brother Harry are to receive a joint "household", or office, based in St James' Palace.

As such, they are also now using their own ciphers (as pictured above) on letters, documents and suchlike, Wills', the W, being red like his father and granny, whilst Harry's is blue, like Princess Diana's.

As some may be aware, Baphomet wears an inverted pentagram; thus in similar fashion, I have inverted the cipher (as above) which seems, perhaps coincidentally, to look remarkably like a pair of horns. I leave it to readers to judge although it should be noted that in the BBC report on the matter, they have again chosen the strange "Omen shadow" photograph (as below) taken on Christmas Day as an illustration.

You would think they could find a "better" one, although I suppose it depends on their purpose.


see also my post One for the horn Baphomet!.

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Anonymous said...

um um um quite the photo/op

hey, uh did i mention that obama's signature looks like the zodiac killer's cipher?

eh ok guess i probly did

must be nearing geezerhood...

cheery-o! ray