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Wednesday 7 January 2009

Underneath the Arches

More details of the light drenched Scottish Homecoming faux Robert Burns and golf year long event were revealed today via the BBC under the headline Bright start ready for Homecoming:

A Burns night lantern procession will kick off Homecoming 2009 celebrations in the town where the poet is buried.

The Burns Light evening on 25 January is a key part of a programme of events in Dumfries and Galloway

Four processions through Dumfries will go past its Midsteeple, Burns House, Devorgilla Bridge and St Michael's Church where the poet was laid to rest.

Referring back to just my last post, readers will recall the Picardy Place/Picard angle noted after the Luna nightclub fire, or burning, and this seems again highlighted when we dive a little deeper into the Devorgilla Bridge aspect; as noted from it's wikipedia entry:

The first bridge over the Nith, Devorgilla Bridge, named after Devorgilla, the mother of King John Balliol, was built here in 1432. Rebuilt more than once and shortened from the east in the 19th century, this is still used by pedestrians and is one of Scotland's oldest standing bridges.

King John Balliol or John the 1st of Scotland, born at an unknown location, yet of the three suggested in wikipedia one is Picardy, and this certainly being the location where he died some thirteen years after being released by Pope Boniface the Eighth into who's custody he was directed by Edward 1st of England after imprisonment in the Tower of London during the Wars of Scottish Independence.


Wikipedia John 1st of Scotland

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Anonymous said...

yeah "devorgilla" i'd a looked that shit up too...

sumwhere twixt a deva and gila(monster) lol

then John Baal a king no less

that's some spooky ole country you got there, Newspace


Newspaceman said...

God survives, even here Ray.