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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Building a roadbridge to Heaven ?

We read today from the BBC of how the new, third, bridge over the river Forth is being designed by a company called Arup, the same characters who created the Beijing Olympic "Bird's Nest" stadium.

In this instance however, they will be working in partnership with another company called Jacob, the resulting creative team to be called, wait for it, Jacobs Arup.

It requires noting that The Stone of Destiny is said to be the Biblical Jacob's
Pillow-Pillar Stone, the stone he used as a headrest whilst dreaming of a ladder to heaven. Readers may remember the symbolic slicing up of a cake replica by Alex Salmond and Sean Connery last June, as noted in my post King Conn, and should also be aware that the Queens husband Prince Philip's "secret" funeral arrangements are codenamed Forth Bridge ( see here)


My post on the Beijing Olympics handover, please see

BBC report on new bridge.


Anonymous said...

hm yes just cogitating on that particular zep line in conjunction with ben fairhall's latest, "recession red dresses"

the u.s. economy really runs off females attempting to buy psychospiritual comfort via endless purchases of (mostly vain) crapola -- for which the rest of the planet pays dearly

like any junkie, the buy-high lasts a few hours, then the inner abyss again gapes, demanding yet another comforting purchase

thanks for the nudge, best to all, carry on cheers!


aferrismoon said...

ARUP reminds me of one of the SLITS - Ari Up


Newspaceman said...

Cheers Ray, cheers aferrismoon.