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Saturday, 24 January 2015


Glasgow Rangers, sponsored by Puma - currently undergoing sacrifice.
It may be the case that  Thursday 22nd January transpires to be a day of great significance.

It was the day that the ECB (European Central Bank) announced it's plan to dilute the value of money by "creating" 1.1 trillion euros to pump into the economy, in a scam known as quantitative easing (QE). (BBC) We touch on twenty two and eleven often, here.

It was the day that British Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Scotland, a country some may consider to be the birthplace of new wave freemasonry, given Mother Lodge 0 at Kilwinning.

Dave set out "his" offer for the Scots; more decision making, more powers. Some may recall that these were promised a few days prior to the independence referendum and that some consider they helped "swing" the vote.

Some today are suggesting that Dave's offer is a diluted version of "his" promises. Some are suggesting there may have to be another referendum. Many  know that the anticipated whisky has been "watered" down.

Talk is too, that in aftermath of the forthcoming British general election, the Scottish National Party may be crux in decision making for the United Kingdom... Order from chaos potentially beckons, perhaps a "reborn" Great Britain.

The regular reader may remember my pre-referendum outlandish theory revolving around Scotland being the country blueprint for members of the forthcoming New World Order, a theory which has not yet been obliterated.

In masonry, and fairy tales, 3 is an important number.

Dave Cameron appeared up here three days before poet, haggis quaffer and serial-shagger, Robert Burns' Day. This year it coincides with the Greek general election - something else which may have ramifications for the global economy.

Robert Burns was a freemason. Apparently - I am not too well travelled - there are statues of Burns in abundance overseas. It's surely a wonder how his work, and the gentleman, are so popular.

Thursday was the day that the legal objection to the Scottish Government's state-sponsored guardian for every child was knocked back. The long-term plan is, without doubt, for the state to take "ownership" of youngsters. The long term plan of the objectors is to appeal. Thus, eventually, we may get a slightly "watered down" version, however the framework will be in place. BBC

Burns liked children, he had a dozen of them.

Someone else who allegedly liked children was Leon Brittan. Allegedly he died on Thursday.

The day before, the BBC ran an interesting article noting that "independent scrutiny of death certificates has not been delivered as promised" in the wake of the Dr. Harold Shipman murders.

Charlie Hebdo - letting the cat out the bag ?


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