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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

All smiles

Yesterday, the Scottish tabloids, and others, made great play of Kate Moss and Noel Gallagher attending "supermodel Rose Ferguson's" 40th "Burns" birthday party at Craigellachie in the Scottish Highlands. (here).

Today it is reported that a whisky advert starring global eye-con, David Beckham, has been approved by advertising watchdogs "despite complaints it could encourage youngsters to drink alcohol". The promotional video was directed by Madonna's ex, Guy Ritchie, and shows Beckham motorcycling through the Scottish mountains before serving up drinks to other guests who have arrived at a secluded lodge for a reunion.

The challenge to the advert's content was raised by Alcohol Concern, however Diageo, who own the drink manufacturers Haig, responded to the allegation that Beckham had a strong appeal to children by stating that he was "not a person whose example children are likely to follow and had limited resonance with young people in the UK, particularly in comparison with current players and other cultural youth icons". Daily Record

 What's quite interesting and perhaps revealing is the image of David and Victoria utilised in the (linked) newspaper article, and not just because Vic. is smiling. If one notes the chair in the image up top, one will see both bees and what looks like a scarab beetle. Both of these were important symbols to the Sun loving ancient Egyptians, although it may be coincidence. Also, and again this may be coincidence, one of Victoria's thumbs point upwards, the other downwards, in what some allege is a traditional occult manner of displaying one's belief in Hermeticism. As above, so below. Note also that Victoria appears to be minus her red string Kaballah charm.

Nevertheless, when the watchdog stated (re Beckham) that "he had not played for a UK club in the last decade and was therefore unlikely to have particular resonance for children on the basis of his sporting career alone, or have strong appeal on that basis", then they surely have a short memory.


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