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Thursday, 15 January 2015

And the truth will get you incarcerated ?

Icke greets Wogan with a brotherly handshake before unleashing his theories televisually c 1991
Here @ newspaceman I harbour doubts about reptilians; the shapeshifting type discussed by conspiracy-celebrity, footballer, BBC weatherman and author, David Icke.

Some though seem to firmly believe the theory, despite scant evidence.

Yesterday, a James Dunleavy was found guilty of beheading and dismembering his mother, then transporting the butchered remains to Edinburgh's Corstorphine Hill where they were buried in a shallow grave.

Apparently, James wanted to see if his mother was a reptile impersonating a human, which it appears she was not. One wonders on James' rationale, given that if  his mother was reptilian, then he would be at least half lizard-man.

James was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment with a further 9 years of supervision on release.

James' father said he was glad his son was being sent to prison but was "convinced that his son was not responsible for ending his late wife's life". (Edinburgh Evening News)


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Anonymous said...

ignore the text. check the subliminal videos frames in last 3 secs poss notification of a city explosion?

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