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Tuesday 23 December 2014


Back on 19th August 2011, a "dramatic crash scene" for the movie World War Z was being filmed in Glasgow's city centre. It included a large refuse truck, as imaged above. (BBC News)

In August 2011, Paramount announced the movie would be released on 21/12/2012. (wiki)

That deadline came and went though; the film eventually being officially launched on 21st June 2013.

21st December 2012 was the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

21st June 2013 was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Prince William was born on the sun drenched solstice.

Often I go on about the numbers 1 and 2 and how they seem to appear in a specific, perhaps managed, pattern. Note the Hello magazine front page in the sidebar, for example.

From 19th August 2011 till yesterday, not including the end date is 1221 days. here

1221 is 11 x 111

Yesterday, 22/12, just after the solstice, tragically a refuse truck went out of control in Glasgow's City Centre, careering down Queen Street and killing six. I don't need, nor want to, write any more about it. (BBC News)


Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi-Jones and the Clutha  - More on 22.22


Anonymous said...

I agree there's something amiss here. It took place on the 22nd, a favoured date for fabricated events – And to be more specific on that crash scene from the film,it also takes place at George Square.

The zombie film includes a scene in which a bin lorry crashes into several cars as pedestrians scramble out of the way. The movie bin lorry careers along Cochrane Street, before coming to a stop on the corner of George Square.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, thanks. I am not sure that I see it as "amiss" or a "fabrication", rather more "twilight language".

Having said that, I do agree with your 22 logic.

It's most uncannny the way the dates come together on a numerical basis.


aferrismoon said...

The Bin Lorry bin laden, via the twilight language.

I notice it has the words 'blue bin' on the side.

Christmas and Waste intertwined.

The helicopter crash is still well in mind

'Ms Sturgeon said: "Glasgow this morning is a broken-hearted city. 2014 has been such an incredible year for this wonderful city, the Commonwealth Games were such an outstanding success, but it is a year that has been bookended by two unimaginable tragedies, the Clutha at the end of last year and now this awful tragedy that unfolded here yesterday.'

'bookended' seems somewhat twilightish


Newspaceman said...

I agree Moon, note too that the police were extremely early (two hours) in stating there was nothing "sinister" involved in this matter. Quotations are apt.

Blue Bin = recyle is maybe apt.

Other images show the word HEIL on the truck.

Clutha crash, no further forward in terms of release of accident report.

19th August is the date of Mary Queen of Scots return here, after exile in France.


Anonymous said...

Bookended ?
Two ends / kings.........winter solstice: death of one king before the birth of his 'Twin' / Adversary

Lord, bless those who perished.


Newspaceman said...

Thanks Anon 2, Merry Christmas.


Newspaceman said...

If one were to look up Glasgow City Council's website in order to find the refuse collection dates, one one comes to

The observant would note that an example address is given on the site. It is 231 George Street (very close to the incident). If one then types that address into the relevant "box", one will find that it applies to Exchange House, which happens to be the main office (not depot) for Glasgow's environmental services.

Unfortunately though, their system seems broken and does not provide any specific dates. It could be though, that the truck had been there for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Oh god another nutter