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Monday 15 December 2014

That's Entertainment ?

There seems to be some synchronicities cropping up at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Martin Place, Sydney, where, allegedly, some members of the public have been taking selfies and quaffing beer as developments unfold.

We have the 11-9 B B Burger Bro sign. We are not sure if Bro refers to brother.

Open 11 till 9

We have the 7 7 "terrorist" image, we are told he wishes to be referred to as "The Brother".

We have the Matrix, produced by the Wachowski brothers, insofar as Martin Place is concerned. Some people believe that the movie trilogy alludes to the illuminati :

The Lloyd Rees fountain near the intersection of Martin Place and Pitt Street was featured in the film The Matrix, where Neo is distracted by the "Woman in the Red Dress". The fountain has been rebuilt since the film was made. Martin Place was also the location of the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix Revolutions. 

We have a "lady in a red dress", Linzi Stoppard, who previously modelled a Lindt "chocolate" outfit. Linzi is married to Will, who's parents are both knighted; Tom CBE, and medically minded Miriam OBE.

Linzi, apparently, worked on the filmscore for the movie KTD 2020 with a chap called Ben Lee who she also performs with under the explosive band name FUSE. They must have been quiet recently, little appears to have happened since 2011 as per their wiki entries.

In the near future, two contest winners join a cast of starts in a reality game show pandering to the public’s insatiable appetite for sensationalism and celebrity. With instant fame and fortune awaiting the winner, the contestants race through a maze determined to rack up the highest kill count.

Their targets are “regens”: regenerated criminal corpses implanted with deactivation chips for the safety of the players. But the chips fail, and as the players begin to fall, the ratings go through the roof.

From the BBC News timeline @11.52 :

No indications yet as to the hostage takers motives, but Anne Aly, head of the counter terrorism research programme at Australia's Curtin University, told the BBC's Outside Source programme he is likely to be working alone. "Certainly this appears to be the actions of a lone actor, perhaps not very well prepared, perhaps not very well planned, and the indications of the demands that he's making seem very odd for a hostage taking incident where you would expect materialistic or strategic demands to be made in connection with a particular group or cause."



Anonymous said...

"237 baskets of flowers"...

aferrismoon said...

Lindt and Burgers could make Lindbergh, who was friendly towrads fascism , at first. Perhaps Aussies will bring in some kind of 'hate law'.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Anon 23.57 - Are you referring to the Shining and it's room 237. I did a wee post before, although not regarding the room number. The image of Molly is a bit like the one in the post, with the dress and tree :

many thanks.

Moon, many thanks too. If one does a google on the "Brother" one will find he has been involved in many such court cases. Allegedly.