Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Mysteries and Histories

I touched on the then forthcoming fundraising dinner for St. Andrews University in my posts here and here, tying in the alleged £64,000 with the chessboard and potential "masonic" symbolism.

Last night the dinner was held in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, specifically the Egyptian Temple of Dendur which pays homage to Isis and Osiris, relocated stone by stone in 1965. Wills waxed lyrical, under the watchful gaze of the dieties, over the Scottish learning centre :

'In particular, St Andrews exists at the pinnacle of a noble Scottish tradition of intellectual freedom and the nurturing – in fact, I would say, flourishing – of arts and science. It feels like a place where no truth goes unquestioned and where there is much more discovering to be done in the world.

In my post yesterday I noted the, potentially spurious, connection between the visit of Kate and Wills to the basketball on the birthdate of Mary Queen of Scots (MQOS), and their meeting with Cavaliers' LeBron James, dubbed King James, given that MQOS' alleged son, James, had a strong hand in the creation of what we know now as the United Kingdom as well as public propagation of the Bible. I also noted that "freemasonry appears to be rooted in Scotland". The assertion for the latter comment was based simply on the fact that Lodge Mother 0 is located here, at Kilwinning.

I perhaps should have been more specific, and noted that "current" freemasonry appears to be rooted in Scotland, although the rituals and suchlike employed by the craft go back much, much further. From History of Freemasonry one clearly sees that the riddle of it's true source is unlikely to ever be truly revealed, no matter how much "discovering" is undertaken :

Anderson's histories of 1723 and 1738, Ramsay's romanticisation, together with the internal allegory of masonic ritual, centred on King Solomon’s Temple and its architect, Hiram Abiff, have provided ample material for further speculation.

The earliest known ritual places the first masonic lodge in the porchway of King Solomon’s Temple. Following Anderson, it has also been possible to trace Freemasonry to Euclid, Pythagoras, Moses, the Essenes, and the Culdees. Preston started his history with the Druids, while Anderson's description of masons as "Noachides", extrapolated by Albert Mackey, put Noah into the equation.

The talk page on the linked wiki article carries probably the most pertinent statement :

"The difficulty is that prior to 1717 almost nothing is known about Freemasonry but an awful lot of rubbish is written based mainly on wishful thinking."

Whilst I'll just reiterate some potential "rubbish" insofar as the Stone of Destiny, allegedly Jacob's pillow stone, allegedly brought to Scotland by returning Egyptian princess Scota, now allegedly resides in Edinburgh Castle. 

What's not rubbish though, is that William, like his royal ancestors, one day will be crowned upon it, more than likely in Scotland. 

Whilst from there, the world it would appear, is his oyster.



aferrismoon said...

Worth watching if you haven't seen it


Newspaceman said...

Many thanks Moon, quite amusing.


Anon said...

St Andrews is a centre of MI5/6 activity.

- Aangirfan