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Thursday, 18 December 2014


In last week's post (here) I noted how Andrew Carnegie had the phrase "let there be light" inscribed above the doors of "his" libraries and that how some might be of the persuasion that this could refer to Lucifer.

My understanding of the gnostic philosophy behind Lucifer is that it is believed that he came to mankind to let them know that far from being the Gods' mates, rather  they were genetically created worker-slaves; caveman x alien. On hearing the news, the human mutants (Adam & Eve) rebelled, and left the Garden of Eden (Atlantis).

Allegedly, the creme de la creme of freemasonry covertly worship both the theory, and indeed the fallen angel himself. Often, attention is lured to a chap called Albert Pike as regards this matter.

13th December is St. Lucy's Day - a date chosen to sign the European Treaty of Lisbon, the one where Gordon Brown symbolically signed the goatskin document late, the other 26 participants marching in earlier, Noah's Ark style.

St. Lucy's Day was, at one time, considered to be the winter solstice, when light begins to "overtake" darkness again; the days getting longer. Some people have claimed that St. Lucy refers in some aspect to Lucifer, given a "light bringing" ritual.

13th December just past was the date chosen by Prince William and Kate to release a new batch of "Baby George" photographs, the first since 21st July. In them the adorable little chap is attired with a jumper emblazoned with thr military, formed in Scotland, Coldstream Guards.

Meanwhile, today's newspapers make the claim that the Queen is set to give notice of her abdication on Christmas Day. Apparently several large wagers have been made on this event, thus the canny bookmakers are refusing any more bets. We can but wait and see.


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