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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Jiggery Popery

From 3rd April this year - a gift of  Balmoral Whisky

It's the Pope's turn at Scottish independence.

It's front page news on many of the MSM publications today. here for example

He doesn't appear to think it's a good idea: "In remarks that may resonate with Scotland’s Catholics, he said: ‘All division  worries me". Which is surely a curious phrase, given most religion appears divisional.

It's more likely, in fact far more likely, to encourage a vote for independence rather than the contrary, simply because there is still a fairly large percentage of Scottish people who are, let's say, anti-catholic.

Just to reiterate, there will be no such thing as independence, or an independent country in the not too distant future; we might live under an illusion of such but when everyone is using the same (electronic) currency to purchase the same mass produced goods from the same corporations, it's simply mutton dressed as lamb.

Potter meets the Queen for some magickal games


aferrismoon said...

Have you got a Lego Pope?

Francis has recently been in the other Holy land


Newspaceman said...

Not got one Moon, will get the laddie to sort it for me.