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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Strings attached

At the beginning of the year I noted the red string "Kabbalah" bracelet sported by celebrities such as Madonna. (The X factor)

Some ten days later I noted One Direction's, Harry Styles, and his new "silver spoon" tattoo, located just under another he has of a curious handshake. Note that Harry also has two tiny crosses with the letters M and K, plus a large butterfly across his chest. Some may suggest that the letters M and K refer to the CIA's MKUltra "mind control" program, whilst the butterfly is also allegedly utilised as a symbol of an offshoot program known as Project Monarch, the monarch being a species of Lepidoptera

Today's Daily Record notes how Harry is following in the footsteps of Mick Jagger after being "spotted on stage" wearing a Kaballah bracelet, thus "embracing the mystical Jewish philosophy" :

Kabbalah – which means “to receive” – is Jewish mysticism that has now exploded around the world...

It’s not a religion but it is a map for a spiritual life that draws upon astrology and ­numerology...

At one end of the scale, it’s obscure stuff based on five books of the Old Testament.

One might consider the possibility that "celebrities" are being used, puppet like, to control, influence and manipulate the masses in order to recreate those consequential, Biblical Days of Noah.

It could be that our global society is seen as a greedy caterpillar by the elite, their nefarious long term plan being to reduce the human population drastically ("we" deserve it) and usher in a new "golden age" with global monarch - a new Eden so to speak.

One wonders if the Queen's outfit worn to the D-Day "celebration" banquet last week, alludes in some manner to the occult sentiments of "Harry's" bracelet, as with her quote, "everything we do, we do for the young". (mail on line)



hirundine said...

The picture of Lizzie, shows a woman in expensive clothes and jewelry. Reminds me of a harridan, right out of the pages of a book. Like one written by Anthony Trollope or other novels of this type of rich woman. A parody of a bizarre nature.

Newspaceman said...

Never read Trollope, will try.

Note her clasp, holding the red string together. A pentagram ?


hirundine said...

Definitely! Is that, "Order of the Garter"?

Absolutely demonic.

Barchester Towers, likely his most popular?

Motherbarbarian said...

I have been reading about mk ultra for about 5 years now, and it is getting so old. Does it seem to you that they are trying to hard to highlight all these quite obvious connections? Like the magician who needs us to consent to participate in the charade, maybe they are trying just a little too hard to keep our attention?

Newspaceman said...

Hiya motherbarbarian. Yes, it does seem that way. I am a bit of a fan of James Shelby Downard who claims that before the "alchemy" is complete, "matters must be made manifest".

In other words, "everyone" will know exactly what is going on, but will comply/say nothing.