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Friday, 4 April 2014

Quin Towers

Wills 'n Kate meet Clyde on 4/4/13

We touched on potential "year and a day" magick in the very recent Marilyn Manson / Clutha Bar related post. (here)

Yesterday, 3/4,  it was announced that the Glasgow XX Commonwealth Games are to start with a bang, five large tower blocks - The Red Road flats - are to be demolished as part of the opening ceremony. (here).

The date is 23rd July, allegedly a year and a day after royal baby George's (Pythagorean 22/7) birth, whilst the games last for eleven days.

Apparently,  the destruction of the towers is seen in some quarters as "a bold and dramatic statement of intent from a city focused on regeneration", although others disagree.

It's worth noting that the Commonwealth Games mascot is called Clyde, "a thistle named after the river", and that the Clutha Bar is also named after the same. 

It's also well worth noting that Prince William and Kate visited Glasgow exactly  364 days prior ( a year less a day) to yesterday's announcement, on 4/4/2013, when they saw mascot Clyde and played table tennis. (Masks)

What to make of it we really don't know,  but for sure, watching those towers collapse will have some sort of effect on the collective psyche. 


P.S- Today it is reported that a "large expanse" of mystery foam has appeared on the Clyde. here


hirundine said...

It might be a stretch to see this as conspiracy?

hirundine said...

Regardless of anything else, destruction is always a popular event. It has more to do with personality as defined by Myer-Briggs. Than anything else. Then the diaspora of personality dispersant within society. In effect, personality is dealt with as per frequency of type. The demographics if you will?

Newspaceman said...

Hiya hirundine, I don't see it as "conspiracy",bt rather as symbolic, especially given that one tower block is to remain standing and be utilsed for asylum seekers. It sort of reminds of the Tower of Babel, days of Noah etc.

I totally get you on destruction being popular.


aferrismoon said...

Red Road has symbolic undertones - almsot like the red carpet though on a larger scale.

Buildings are , of course, symbolically Mason-ic

The Clearences


... said...

Hi. I'm glad you used the words 'collective psyche'. I am starting to really believe in this concept. There is power in this. I saw Noah the latest movie yesterday and struggled to explain the feeling of the movie as it ended. There seemed to be an affect on the 'collective psyche' of the audience it seems to me now!


P.S. The latest 'black dog and George' photo-op on the magazines does seem to be photo-shopped wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Destruction of red (hand?) road flats.

Destruction of Jack-ob's 'promised land'
Church of Scotland document (2013)


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Moon, I had look at Red Road and it has something to do with spiritual cleansing amongst Red Indians. Which sort of ties in with masonry and colonisation. Good one with the carpet.

Hiya Marie, I have not seen the movie but it appears to contain "hidden truths". Re the photo, I think it has been altered. Nevertheless, if one looks at it, the contrast between the (old) red crumbling brick, and the bright white "window" frame - although it is framing the family - is striking and purposeful.

Anon2, good to hear from you, never thought of that. I see there was a red "wall" in the form of a (Scottish) guardsman at Buckingham Palace on the 4th.