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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The whole world in "our" hands

We noted Elvis - The King - Presley's alleged only UK "visit", to Glasgow's Prestwick Airport on 3/3/1960 back in May, whilst Robert Burns pops up fairly recently here given his "masonic" connotations. Probably the most obvious symbol of the ongoing importance to the poet's craftwork was at last year's Olympic relay, when on day 33 the torch snaked back in to Scotland, to leave from the Burns statue in Dumfries on day 34 for a 121 mile journey back south of the border. As noted often, 33's are important, as are double 11's, and 121 is 11 squared. It's also worth noting the solar symbolism, given that the date was 21st June, Prince William's 30th and the sun drenched summer solstice. Fruit for Thought

Today it is reported a "plea" is being considered to rename Prestwick to Robert Burns Prestwick Airport and no, I don't think it is an April Fool although the media this year appear to have concentrated on spoof Scottish independence stories for whatever reason, make up your own mind and bear in mind a forthcoming global society. (BBC)

Also worth highlighting is tennis player and Dunblane massacre survivor, Andy Murray, and his new hotel in  Perthshire. It was purchased from the Eden family and has bedrooms and suites named after famous Scotsman including Robert the Bruce, William Wallace, Sir Alex Feguson, Sir Chris Hoy, and Sir Sean Connery. Maybe there is little else to write about it, but the mail on line closes it's article with a picture of the chess board in the main lounge and captions it as such.

To close, given the references to the number 3, it is worth noting Prince William and Kate's at-long-last photographic appearance on Mother's Day with Baby George, the date 30/3, 8 months and 8 days since we last "officially" saw him.

8 x 8


Also note from  today the criticism of the Government's sell off of Royal Mail; apparently there is anger in some quarters that the shares were priced too low, @ 330p, when offered. BBC

BBC - Jokes target Scottish independence

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