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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Its a kind of magick

Here @ newspaceman we are becoming  more enthralled by the digital sequence 101 day by day.

2014 Boston marathon - one of the few BBC images of the event - Note both sets of numbers, "as above, so below"
We have mentioned before the movie, The Matrix, and it's room 101 where Neo begins his journey.

We have mentioned before Orwell's 1984, and "his" room 101.

We have mentioned before on numerous occasions that the 11th of April is the 101st day of the year.

That is, excepting a leap year, when the 10th of April takes the 101 spot.

The year 1904 was a leap year. It was the year that occultist, Aleister Crowley, visited Egypt's Great Pyramid, where he allegedly utilised "John Dee's" Enochian magick to contact an entity called Aiwass and compose the Book of the Law. Crowley completed his work on 10th April.

Police Scotland, who live for the "law", utilise the telephone number 101.

Aleister believed that Scotland was a focal point for "magickal energies"; so much so that he purchased Boleskin House @ Loch Ness to conduct his rituals.

Loch Ness is always a focal point nowadays, given the "monster". Notwithstanding the tourists it was reported just yesterday that a "Buddhist group" are proposing to build a retreat there. It's the same mob with the commune in Eskdalemuir, the one that "anti-independent-Scotland", David Bowie, used to affiliate with. The Starman and Scottish Independence

On 13th March 1996, Thomas Hamilton, allegedly single handedly, undertook the Dunblane "massacre". It is alleged in some quarters that Hamilton had friends in high places.

Tennis player, Andy Murray, was at the school at the time. 

I wrote about Glasgow's Red Road flats recently, in respect of their intended symbolic demolition as part of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Quin Towers

The intended spectacle was recently announced as being a non-happening. It was a Sunday, 101 days prior to the anticipated event that the announcement was made. BBC

Andy Murray received the "freedom of Stirling" this week. He broke down in tears.

Just after, he met a 101 year old, Ina Henderson. Daily Record

Going back to Crowley and his Egyptian connection, one should perhaps consider why the Stone of Destiny was left, after alleged repatriation from the "English" - by a gang of law  students  on Christmas Day 1950 - on 11th April at Scotland's "home of independence", Arbroath Abbey. One might also consider that the stone had been missing for 108 days, an ultra-important number in Buddhist, and others,  circles.

The Stone of Destiny is allegedly Jacob's "Pillow Stone", brought to Scotland by Egyptian princess, Scota. All recent United Kingdom monarchs have been, ritually, crowned upon it. It is more than likely the next will too, although this time in Scotland.

There's been a plethora of stories about Loch Ness recently in the media, whilst we have the independence referendum coming up, golf's Ryder Cup, the Commonwealth Games, and BBC's "Big Weekend" - reported yesterday to include Coldplay. One can safely say that Scotland is likely to be a focal point, with resulting "energies", this year. 

Rihanna, note Knight's Templar ring

Dripping with MK Ultra - see here

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