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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tommy and the Patsys

Lines (Patsy Clines) of cocaine
Yesterday, Zionist, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, quit his role, citing his rationale for the decision as "the dangers of far right extremism" . The announcement was made by a think-tank called the Quilliam Group, which generally focuses on counter-extremism of the Islamic variety. 

An open letter to the Guardian, re Quilliam, stated :

We believe this is just another establishment-backed attempt to divert attention from the main cause of radicalisation and extremism in Britain: the UK's disastrous foreign policy in the Muslim world, including its occupation of Muslim lands and its support for pro-western Muslim dictators. The foundation has no proven grassroots support within the Muslim community, although it does seem to have the ear of the powers that be, probably because it is telling them what they want to hear

In 2009, the Times reported that Quilliam had received almost £1million in funding from the government.

The scene is a private back room in the Vauxhall Griffin public house, close to M16 headquarters. An unidentified pin-striped suited individual we will call Mr. X,  Maagid Nawaz of Quilliam, and Yaxley-Lennon are the sole occupants, with the exception of an on-hand topless barmaid. A large plate of glistening, pearly-white powder sits on the table amongst the pint glasses.

Mr X : Have another patsy lads.

Tommy : Sniff Snort Snorkle

Maagid : Sniff Snort Snorkle

Mr. X : Tommy, you have the information ?

Tommy, speechless with the quality of the Peruvian flake, hands over a memory stick containing the personal details of all 35,000 EDL members.

Mr. X : Thanks, and this is for you.

Tommy opens the briefcase and acknowledges the bundles of used £50 notes.

Mr. X : Another pint Tommy ?

Tommy nods.

Mr. X : What will you do with the money Tommy ?

Tommy nods towards the plate and then down to the Stone Island badge on his jacket arm.

Mr. X : Good.

Mr. X : Another patsy lads ?

Tommy and Maagid nod and sniff, snort and snorkle.


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Unknown said...

Most revealing!

- Aangirfan

Kal Dani said...

Lol well said.