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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fitting the Bill

Note solar resonating logo

It seems barely worth a post but somehow I feel it will become more relevant over the next year or so, up till the Scottish Independence referendum.

The Royal Bank of Scotland - which was originally created with strong Hanoverian ties, given the Bank of Scotland's Jacobean associations - became 81% taxpayer owned after the last economic crash and Chancellor, George Osborne, seems likely to attempt to sell it off, in the process creating the duality of a good, and a bad, bank. BBC News

Note that the Jacobeans attempted to reinstate the House of Stuart to the Scottish throne after it was overthrown by our old favourite, William of Orange.

Infamous investment bank, Rothschild, have been "tasked with setting out the pros and cons". One invisages that the "good" bank will be, in comparison to the rest of world financial institutions, pure gold.

I appreciate most would think the idea of a standardised global currency erupting from the ashes of another global economic meltdown being Scottish Royal Bank rooted as preposterous.


Note, today, Friday 1/11, it was announced that the Royal Bank will create it's own internal "bad" bank of £ 38billion in "dodgy" loans, which it intends to sell off asap.


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