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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bread and Circus

Last night, Prince William attended a dinner to mark the Football Association's 150th anniversary. I noted the match he arranged at Buckingham Palace for the same cause in my post William of Orange. William apparently noted whilst dining of how football was "a huge force for good in the world".

The function was held at the Grand Cannaught Rooms in London, itself built on the site of the Freemasons' Tavern, where the Football Association - and original 13 rules - was formed back in 1863. BBC

Today we note from the BBC of a storm revolving around Manchester United sending out a newsletter to supporters which included a swastika style logo, with the title, NewOrder. 

Lee Rigby was buried @ Bury, on 12th July - The Glorious Twelfth
Today we note from the mail on line, that serving armed service personnel have been photographed giving Nazi salutes in front of a giant union-jack banner, emblazoned with the words Invicta Loyal, a Kent based Glasgow Rangers supporters club. However, it is alleged that it is not in fact Nazi salutes that are being performed, but rather a (previously unknown) Red Hand of Ulster salute. The red hand of Ulster is synonymous with Protestantism,William of Orange, and suchlike.

Just a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that British military personnel, sang sectarian songs whilst attending (Protestant) Rangers' Ibrox Park. Daily Record

Kilted man with Red Hand, overlaid with Star of David (Britam)



Frank said...

Also Storm St Jude (more like Jude the Obscure) - SS & Jude.

Age of the Aqua-Aryans !


aferrismoon said...

To the heavens!

UKube-1 is the name of the 1st Scottish satellite [ of love?] to go into space. Launched from sheep-sacrificing Kazakhstan.

UK u be one?


... said...

Hi there! I heard someone on the BBC news saying that Jerusalem will be sung again in Scotland (at the Rugby I believe) next year. ;-)