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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Homebase ?

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It's well documented that Stonehenge is a calendar.

According to today's mail on line however, the techniques employed go back far further, to some 10,000 years ago.

It appears that a "giant year clock" has been located at Warren Field,  Banchory, North East Scotland,  which predates the once though oldest, Mesopotamian, "time keeping systems" by 5000 years:

"Warren Field stands out as something special, however. It is remarkable to think that our aerial survey may have helped to find the place where time itself was invented."

"Speaking to the Sunday Times, Vincent Gaffney, professor of landscape archaeology at Birmingham University, said: 'The capacity to measure time if among the most important achievements of human societies and the issue of when time was "created" by humankind is critical in understanding how society developed...

This suggests that early hunter-gatherer societies in Scotland had both the need and ability to track time across the years - and perhaps within the month - and that this occurred 5,000 years before the first formal calendars were created in Mesopotamia"

Banchory is only 30 miles or so from "Royal Balmoral". Both sit on the banks of the River Dee. The Queen normally resides there for a spell, after her ritual summer week in Edinburgh.



hirundine said...

"The Queen normally resides there for a spell, after her ritual summer week in Edinburgh".

Hmmm, rituals and spells? Does she cast them herself, or have a servant do it for her? ;-]

Newspaceman said...

I would be of the opinion that she is hands on hirundine, although I have no actual proof of that. If i did, I doubt I would be around to tell of it.

Remember though, that Crowley fancied Loch Ness' Boleskin as an occultist's Mecca/Jerusalem - a focus of magickal energies.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Note there is more info on the "calendar" , with a link to Robert the Bruce, via Crathes Castle

Have a look at Mythomorph on side bar, re Bruce, Bannockburn etc.


hirundine said...

Thanks for the links, newspaceman.

Upon reading the wikipedia entry for Crathes castle. I was again amused by this sentence. "There is a tea shop on site and a car park for any size of car".

For any sized car? Now that is amusing, or is it just me? Reassuring, I can take the Rolls and find a spot. Or, just take the "smart" and have a lovely time.

Cynically yours, Cheers!