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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Salmon of Wisdom

Following on from yesterday's post, today's Scotland on Sunday advises that it is likely that Prince William and Kate are to be bestowed with the title Duke and Duchess of Strathearn when they marry on the 29th.

Now I am not, nor desire to be, expert on these type of matters but from wikipedia it appears that this dukedom is reserved for the Royals and, as matters stand today, has never been awarded by itself per se, but rather in combination with another. Including Cumberland it appears.

Perthshire's Strathearn, or valley of the Irish, too is known for it's glass, Teachers whisky rebranding the popular Vasart company set up by Salvador Ysart in 1947. The Strathearn Glass logo was a leaping salmon whilst Teachers sold out to Stuart Glass in 1980 and the company was again rebranded, this time to Stuart Strathearn. Production ended in 1992.

Perhaps there is esoteric wisdom to be taught here in terms of the salmon, the king of fish - who leaves it's home-burn and travels down to the sea to migrate in search of rich food. It then returns - an arduous journey - to spawn, before, hopefully making the journey once again.


Scotland on Sunday story

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Jimbo said...

'Strathearn' appears to mean literally, "the place of eagles."

Newspaceman said...

Cheers Jimbo

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Jimbo, the eagle is the emblem of the House of Dan.


33_hertz said...

Have you looked into the underlying meaning of the "Salmon of Wisdom"?

"The Salmon of Knowledge therefore isn’t a fish. If one takes a whole Salmon and cleanly slits its belly open and removes the lights, then spreads the reddsish-pink flesh apart to form an oval shape, it is reminiscent of something or another I’m sure. As the fresh meat bleeds under the knife, one also brings to mind the Blood Red Nut that the Salmon purportedly finds so irresistible." Nicholas de Vere

There are fascinating accounts of the ingestion of menstrual fluids used to give powers of insight, etc., throughout history. The Druidic riddle of the salmon seems to refer to these ceremonies used by certain bloodlines.

Kind Regards mate!!

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Martin, aye I have read de Vere, excellent, although maybe not all true.

Still a fascinating book.