Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday 9 January 2011

A Full Monty

In my post Is He, or isn't he ? last month I considered the possibility of a nefarious plan for humanity, a new "Garden of Eden" and Prince Charles' messianic role as shepherd of the "chosen ones". Today we read of his forthcoming new model village in Ayrshire, Scotland. Called Knockroon, the 770 homed uber eco-hamlet will have allotments, workshops, offices and suchlike, it's heart to be known as Adam Square.

One can imagine the future, a helicopter lands in Adam Square, a crowd of young humans looking on in bewilderment. These are the survivors of the 2012 virus, somehow children were immune, their new "carers" rescuing them Pied Piper style.

Charles disembarks, although immaculate in white he is old and stooped like a poor man's Gandalf. He has a strange circle of white around the ridge of his nostrils. He picks up a potato and looks at it. Then he cuts it in half and smells it and nods his head. The dozen or so adults in the 300 strong mob begin to cheer and whoop: "He says yes". The thick skinned, calloused hands children follow suit.

That night they get chocolate, the first for a long time.

Charles village story - Scotland on Sunday.


aferrismoon said...

Village of the A-Damned


Newspaceman said...

It's not far from Mother Lodge O (zero) - Kilwinning - either aferrismoon.

25 miles or so by road, not sure about crow. Have a look at a "leister" if you get a chance. An old Scots salmon poaching tool - like the prongs of a hand held garden fork, but angled for a good grip on the fish.