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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Take a seed and plant it, water it, nurture it....

More of the same I'm afraid: trendy Prince William this week in the BBC news at least twice, firstly regarding a "good-luck" type morale boosting video message sent to the England World Cup players in his capacity as , closely followed by promoting some sort of "save the (sporting) playing fields" 2012 grandmother's Diamond Jubilee campaign. Not forgetting his father, the Doctor Dolittle of the vegetable Kingdom: poor, decrepit Charles, also in the news suffering from a "persistent chest infection" and under doctor's orders to rest, thus spending the first three days of next week at Birkhall on the Balmoral Estate, Scotland, in the company of his wheelchair transported mistress, Camilla.

There's a little twist too, as it's one of HM the Queen's 84th birthday celebrations on Saturday, an event we were reminded of last Saturday when Hilary Clinton apologised for sending birthday wishes a week or so early, seemingly by mistake. England play the USA the same day in the World Cup, perhaps her eyes were on that.

Lest we forget Diana, could we ?, the dress that transformed her from nursery teacher to future icon (see Cinderella) sold at auction on Tuesday for the princessley sum of £192,000, today's media full of the tale.



aferrismoon said...

Your Doc Dolittle idea got me thinking of 'My Fair Lady' also with Rex[ King] Harrison. He tries to refine Eliza Doolittle which might correspond with Charles and the Royal Fam, attempting to mould Diana into a right proper Queen.


Newspaceman said...

Diana was just part of the "breeding" program aferrismoon.